Best Electric Pool Heater

The Best Electric Pool Heater

There is nothing as exciting as diving into a comfortably warm swimming pool in the middle of the winter. With that said, there are hundreds of pool heaters that you can use to heat your pool, and one such type is the best electric pool heater. 

It can be challenging to choose the best one for your pool, and that is where I can help you since I have reviewed the top five models on the market today.

Let’s look at these units to see the one that can match your pool needs.

Top 5 Electric Pool Heaters for 2020

Here are the top electric pool heaters that you should consider getting for your pool this year.

1. FibroPool FH120 Above Ground Swimming Pool Heat Pump

I will start by reviewing a heater for above ground pool, and it comes from FibroPool. It is one of the best units you can get on the market today even if you have a limited budget. 

The heater easily connects to a standard 120v power source to ensure that you have an easy time when installing it. One feature that I love is the 8 feet long power cable that lets you connect it in the water while the power source is far from your pool.

It can efficiently heat a pool of up to 7.5K gallons of water in coastal climates. It also comes with a plug that is GFCI protected to guarantee your safety when you use the heater.

You don’t need to do match when installing it as it is easy to put together. It also provides value for your money.

2. FribroPool FH055 In-Ground Swimming Pool Heater

The next model is for inground pool, and it comes from the FribroPool brand that has been around for years. It is made using a 100% titanium heat exchanger that guarantees effective heat transfer to minimize power wastage.

I like the fact that it connects to a standard 220v power source, meaning that you can use it for most homes. The unit also has a digital controller and display that lets you see the temperature reading without any hassle.

Also, the unit was made to be a slim fit unit that you can install in most places without needing professional help. It is also an energy-efficient unit that you can run 365 days and not incur excessive power bills.

You can also count on the heater to last for years without rusting or corroding. It is a model that I can recommend you try.

3. FibroPool FH 220 Swimming Pool Heater Heat Pump

Another pool heater that I love from FibroPool is the FH 220 Swimming Pool Heater Heat Pump. It is one of the best units in its class and can provide up to 20K BTU of heating capacity. 

The unit is ideal for a pool of 7.5 gallons of water in coastal climates and was made to last for years without showing any sign of rust. Another thing I found to be quite impressive is the ability of the heater to withstand hot climates.

Besides, it is a model that you can use to heat your hot tub, making it a versatile pool heater. You can connect it to a standard 240v power source and be confident of having an efficient pool heater.

One great thing I love about this unit is the ability to install it without needing any help. And it comes with a simple, compact design.

4. Happybuy 11KW 220V Electric Pool Heater Swimming Pool Electric Heater

HappyBuy 11KW Electric Pool Heater fits standard 220v power source and comes with an aluminum-coated plate. It is a unit that can withstand harsh climate to ensure that you get value for your money as it lasts for years. 

One great feature that I found in this unit is the control system that monitors the operation of the heater. It is a system that changes the temperature to match the desired outcome without needing your input.

Moreover, it is a model that you can use for various places like pools, spas, hot tubs, and others. There is also a thermostat that keeps the water temperature constant to ensure that you swim in a pool with the right temperature.

The other thing about this unit is the ability to last for years without corroding or rusting. You can be sure you will get value for your money if you choose this heater.

5. Hayward CSPAXI11 11 Kilowatt Electric Spa Heater

Hayward CSPAXI11 is a model that comes with a heater on indicator light that notifies you when it is working. I find this feature to be quite useful since you are assured of knowing when the heater is working and when it is not.

The heater’s tank is made of 304 stainless steel that lasts forever without showing any sign of corrosion. Its threaded head is also made of that material and there is a safety sensor heating element.

Another feature that makes this unit a great model is the ability to access its internal controls easily. That is all possible due to its unique design.

As a brand, Hayward has been around for years, and you can be confident you have a heater that will do its work efficiently. It is also an affordable heater that you can be sure of getting value for your money.


Q: What is More Efficient: Gas or Electric Pool Heaters?

A: No one pool heater can be said to be more efficient than the other. A gas heater is recommended short term heating while an electricity one is perfect for long term heating. A gas heater is cheaper to install but expensive to run compared to an electric one.

Q: Are Electric Pool Heaters Expensive to Run?

A: Electric pool heaters are more affordable when it comes to run compared to gas heaters. However, they are more expensive when it comes to installing.

Q: Can You Add a Pool Heater Later?

A: Yes. It is possible to add a pool heater to a pool that doesn’t have one. With that said, you should seek professional helps if you want to add it.

Final Words

There are dozens of electric heaters that you can use to heat your swimming pool and make it ready for use during the cold days. I have reviewed the best electric pool heater models on the market today to give you an idea of what you should look for when buying one.

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