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Are you a Craft-a-holic?

Hey guys, It's been a while since I've been on my regular schedule of Monday posts, but I swear I've been busy with crafty stuff.  As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure I have issues.  So I've put together [...]

Mason Jar Wall Holders _Grinninglikeanidiot-0346

How to Make Mason Jar Wall Sconces

One of the things that drives me nuts about my office/craft room, or any room for that matter, is not having what I need within arms length of where I need it, you know what I mean?  Whenever I wanted [...]


Refreshments – Silhouette Template

Hey everyone, It's been a while since I've provided some how to posts, and my mind is brimming with them and my notebook has pages of them - the challenge is I'm still trying to keep my house clean because [...]

Chalkboard Paint-

Chalkboard Paint for Labels

Jars are an great place to put stuff and they are abundantly available. All you have to do is save one, clean it and remove the label by soaking it in water. I use jars for collecting all of my [...]

How to Make Basket Liners

Tutorial – How to Make Basket Liners

I recently purchased some plain baskets for craftroom storage and wanted to spiff them up with some pretty fabric.  So I needed to make basket liners.  I've never made basket liners before and it took me two stabs at it [...]

Operation Organize Craftroom

Operation: Organize Craft Room – The Start

Part I of Organizing my home! Because I spend a majority of my days in my Craft/Workroom, which was a huge chaotic mess, I wanted to start there!  With a little muse, time and other resources, it is really coming [...]

Cake Plate Modified

Turn a Cake Plate into a Tool Caddy

I'm always looking for something to keep my sewing tools handy and came up with a handy way to keep the tools close and also move the quickly out of my way when I need the room. I used: Some [...]

Stop Waisting Vinyl

Stop Wasting Silhouette Vinyl!

As you guys know, I'm working on updating and organizing my Office/Craftroom. The result, I am learning a TON! And the latest, I figured out when I was TRYING to take a nap... I popped up and had to try [...]


Paperweight – Who’d a Thunk It!

Need something to hold down your Silhouette Vinyl, Stencil paper, transfer, fabric from moving around, wrapping paper from rolling up, all those things that you need to cut before it runs away or rolls up? My Mom had asked me [...]


My Hidden Stash

I'm in the process of redecorating and organizing my Office/Craftroom and just had to share my favorite part!  The refreshment area for an afternoon pick-me-up. ;-) It looks seemingly innocent area, right?  My single cup Keurig, with a bowl of [...]


Hide that Powerstrip in 3 Easy Steps

Need a little space or get annoyed with how visible power strips can be? You can hide it in 3 easy steps. All you need: A little Velcro Power Strip Hot Glue gun And it's as easy as 1, 2, [...]


Shopping find! Melting Clock

How super neat is this clock!! I've been looking for a clock for a while to go in my craft room because it seems like time just slips away when I'm in my happy place: a melting clock - how [...]