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Thanksgiving Wreath

Thanksgiving is a tricky holiday to create a wreath for...but I think I came up with a winner. :) The inspiration - a Turkey votive candle holder.  Other materials used, glue gun, foam board, burlap material and pretty flowers and [...]


Thanksgiving Macaron

Amanda, from Kevin and Amanda, and I are at it again with Thanksgiving Macarons! :) Who thinks we are having too much fun making these Macarons? We totally are!! :) We decorated the Macarons to look like: Caramel Apples dipped [...]


I’m Thankful: Decorative Box and Family Activity

This past weekend we went to Church, something we hadn't done in a while.  The Pastor's words really hit a nerve with me, so much I started crying and couldn't put it into words to my husband why I was [...]