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Silhouette Promo 2_20-2_28

Silhouette Promotion 2/20 – 2/28

Silhouette is having another promotion this month!!  (the dust cover would have been handy - I had a wine/crafting accident :) ). ·         1 CAMEO, 1 stamping starter kit, 1 light hold cutting mat, 1 teal CAMEO dust cover for [...]

Red Envelop Gallery Frame by Grinninglikeanidiot--2

How to Install a Silhouette Wall Design

For Valentine's Day I created a wall design to go around gallery of pictures shown in the post "To my Valentine".  Frankly, I was surprised it turned out as good as it did. The idea started with just putting a [...]

Red Envelop Gallery Frame by Grinninglikeanidiot-

To My Valentine

Valentines Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day can be really tricky days to shop. I want to get something memorable and something they don't have, and/or perhaps something personal.  Finding something like that is rarely found in Target or Walmart but [...]

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Silhouette Studio Designer Edition Discount!

I've had been working on a Robot themed bedroom for LilMan.  As part of my design I wanted to put Formulas all over his room (who knows maybe he'll memorize them and it'll serve him someday).  In order to do [...]

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Silhouette Holiday Sale November 28—December 8!

I'm not sure how many men read my little blog, but for all the ladies out there, here is what you do to help get what you want for Christmas: Start a Pinterest board of Christmas Gift Ideas and pin [...]

Bar Stools

Restore Barstools and Personalize

Since we moved back into our own house (we took our house off the market) I've had several projects in mind to do to the house, one of which was to get some barstools.  We have lived in our house [...]


Refreshments – Silhouette Template

Hey everyone, It's been a while since I've provided some how to posts, and my mind is brimming with them and my notebook has pages of them - the challenge is I'm still trying to keep my house clean because [...]


Semi-homemade Halloween Nursery Rhyme {Silhouette Template}

Do you need a Last Minute Halloween Costume or non-spooky Costume? The night before a school parade I found out that Tyler needed a costume of his favorite nursery rhyme, so we went through a book that I've read to [...]


Silhouette Labels for Canning – Tips and Template

This past weekend I finally took the time to make labels for all of the jars of jam, sauces, and food that I've canned over the last several months; labeling a grand total of 60 jars of various sizes.  Needless [...]


Candy is Dandy but Liquor is Quicker

Trial and Error A friend and colleague of mine asked me "Do any of your projects mess up or turn out bad?"  My response "Oh, yeah definitely!"  And I gave her the example of the Glow in the Dark Spider [...]


Silhouette Stenciled T-Shirts

On a hot afternoon, over a 100 degrees, we stayed inside and made some t-shirts. During the kids naps, I made a couple of stencils on my Silhouette Cameo machine: one for LilMan with the word "Chatterbox" in Varsity letters [...]

Relaxation Mask--3

Relaxation Mask – Don’t Poke the Bear!

Last Sunday I woke up and instantly thought of the song "The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars and I thought: "I want to do nothing today".  This video is classic -at least in my mind :). But knowing me, that's [...]

Teacher's Gifts--6

Teacher’s Gift – Scrapbook Gift Tags

This week my little boy graduates from Pre-K.  His school actually had the graduation at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens!  This was way better than my Grad School Graduation! I've been beyond happy with his school Primrose. He has been with [...]

Grandpa's Birthday--2

Silhouette Tag and Uniquely Decorated Birthday Present

Grandpa , my dad, turned 65 this year and we had to celebrate! So we put together a small family gathering where we grilled burgers, had lots of appetizers and yummy food.  Grandpa was in his element, good food, family and [...]

Operation Organize Craftroom

Operation: Organize Craft Room – The Start

Part I of Organizing my home! Because I spend a majority of my days in my Craft/Workroom, which was a huge chaotic mess, I wanted to start there!  With a little muse, time and other resources, it is really coming [...]

Take Aim

Silhouette Toilet Fun

We recently changed out our kids toilet from a little Gerber Peewee Children's toilet and I had to make it more fun for them and address a little problem that boys seem to have. We originally had a normal size [...]

Stop Waisting Vinyl

Stop Wasting Silhouette Vinyl!

As you guys know, I'm working on updating and organizing my Office/Craftroom. The result, I am learning a TON! And the latest, I figured out when I was TRYING to take a nap... I popped up and had to try [...]


Paperweight – Who’d a Thunk It!

Need something to hold down your Silhouette Vinyl, Stencil paper, transfer, fabric from moving around, wrapping paper from rolling up, all those things that you need to cut before it runs away or rolls up? My Mom had asked me [...]

Pillow Talk

His and Hers Pillows – Silhouette Cameo

A really good friend of mine gave me a Silhouette Cameo (Silhouette)and Silhouette Fabric Ink Starter Kit for Christmas.  I was so excited I teared up!  This will be the first of many little Silhouette projects :)..I can't believe what [...]