Are you a Craft-a-holic?

Hey guys, It's been a while since I've been on my regular schedule of Monday posts, but I swear I've been busy with crafty stuff.  As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure I have issues.  So I've put together [...]

Bedroom Makeover by Grinninglikeanidiot-2

Em’s Surprise Bedroom Makeover!

After a month of planning and sewing we did it!  The whole family was in on Em's surprise bedroom makeover: Grandma, Grandpa, Ben, LilMan and Mammaw.  Everyone had a hand. :) The Plan We had to get Em out of [...]

Developing My Daughter's Passion

Developing My Daughter’s Passion

So, I lied to to my daughter.  I felt bad about 'tricking' her, but I wanted her to be part of her surprise bedroom makeover.   It took me a while to figure out how we are going to make [...]


The Start of a Surprise Bedroom Makeover

One of my fondest memories is when I was about 5 years old. My brother and I had spent a week at my Grandma and Grandpa's farm in the early 1980s. And while Steve and I had a great time, [...]

Burlap Pillows-0068

Another Burlap Pillow

When I started making the previous Burlap Pillow I got the idea for this pillow (I didn't set out to make two pillows, I only needed one, but I just had to make it).  I had purchased a bunch of [...]

Decorating Pillows-0018

Decorating Pillows – Embellish with Ribbons

Last weekend Em made another pillow from with a bowl of ribbon and stuff that I had made or collected that I hadn't found a use for just yet.  She started decorating another pillow while still in her pajamas. (I [...]

Ruffle Roundup

Ruffles Roundup

Em is such a girly girl, It's just wonderful!  I get to dress her up like a doll in frills :) YEAH!!!  And I just love the look as well, it is feminine and somewhat romantic.  I had to compile [...]

How to Make Basket Liners

Tutorial – How to Make Basket Liners

I recently purchased some plain baskets for craftroom storage and wanted to spiff them up with some pretty fabric.  So I needed to make basket liners.  I've never made basket liners before and it took me two stabs at it [...]


Paperweight – Who’d a Thunk It!

Need something to hold down your Silhouette Vinyl, Stencil paper, transfer, fabric from moving around, wrapping paper from rolling up, all those things that you need to cut before it runs away or rolls up? My Mom had asked me [...]


Tutorial – Girly Tulle Butterfly Wreath

I decided to make a wreath to accentuate the new decor in Em's room.  Pin It   I literally made this wreath during the kids nap time.   To make the wreath you'll need: Styrofoam Wreath 1 yard of Tulle 1 yard [...]


Painted Silhouette and Embellished Pillow

I started out painting a pillow with the intent to make the Silhouette a solid color, but because of the nature of the material and the acrylic paint, I changed directions and I absolutely love the results! Pin It I [...]


Tie-Dyed Flower Tutorial

  On the Hand Painted Embellished Pillow I made these tie-dyed flowers because I wanted a realistic flower to pop out from the painting. Here is the tutorial on how to make this really pretty flower (use for hair bow, [...]


Anthropology Inspired Sweatshirt

I always hit the sales rack at Anthropology and I almost bought this sweatshirt until I realized how simple it was to make (plus it was $60 - and that was the sale price!). Read on for instructions on how [...]


Fairy Princess Ballerina Costume

Em couldn't quite decide between Princess, Fairy and Ballerina costume, so I made a mixture of them all :) Here is her Fairy, Ballerina,  Princess Costume with Wand and Hair Accessories. For the costume I followed the Butterick B5545 pattern [...]


Bird Halloween Costume

The LilMan was flipping through a party store catalog and saw a picture of a black bird, and declared "I want to be a black bird for Halloween! Can you make me one?" Click here to see how I made [...]


Make Ruffle Pants from an Old T-Shirt

Em will have the need for me to fix her clothes so they are more fitted, so I'm learning to fix things now.  She is almost three and these jeans I bought her at 18 months, except for the length, [...]


Reuse a Cookie Sheet for a Lap Desk

I’ve kept a lot of baby stuff with the idea that someday I’ll figure out what to do with it. In this case I decided to combine a couple of really well used things: a cookie sheet that has seen [...]


Love my Sewing/Embroidery Machine!

I recently bought a sewing/embroidery machine.  I LOVE IT!  Prior to this machine, I had three sewing machines sitting on my desk: one that was literally over 30 years old to sew buttons, another for sewing and another for surging; [...]


Little Tutu Dancer’s Bag

Download Tutorial and Pattern Project was inspired by a bag found on Sassi Designs: I love the look of this bag! Adorable!  I had made several bags for myself and as gifts from patterns and decided I can make something similar [...]