Burlap Pillows-0068

Another Burlap Pillow

When I started making the previous Burlap Pillow I got the idea for this pillow (I didn't set out to make two pillows, I only needed one, but I just had to make it).  I had purchased a bunch of [...]

Burlap Pillows-0065

Burlap Decorated Pillow

Time is moving too quickly.  Stores are already decorating for Christmas, our local station 96.9 is already playing Christmas music non stop.  Well, I'm not ready to burst into the next season without fully decorating for this one.  Each season [...]

Decorating Pillows-0018

Decorating Pillows – Embellish with Ribbons

Last weekend Em made another pillow from with a bowl of ribbon and stuff that I had made or collected that I hadn't found a use for just yet.  She started decorating another pillow while still in her pajamas. (I [...]

Pillow Talk

His and Hers Pillows – Silhouette Cameo

A really good friend of mine gave me a Silhouette Cameo (Silhouette)and Silhouette Fabric Ink Starter Kit for Christmas.  I was so excited I teared up!  This will be the first of many little Silhouette projects :)..I can't believe what [...]


Painted Silhouette and Embellished Pillow

I started out painting a pillow with the intent to make the Silhouette a solid color, but because of the nature of the material and the acrylic paint, I changed directions and I absolutely love the results! Pin It I [...]


Tie-Dyed Flower Tutorial

  On the Hand Painted Embellished Pillow I made these tie-dyed flowers because I wanted a realistic flower to pop out from the painting. Here is the tutorial on how to make this really pretty flower (use for hair bow, [...]


Hand Painted and Embellished Pillow

I had previously posted the following 2 pics on Facebook and Twitter: did you guess what they were? They became a one of a kind, hand painted and embellished pillow.  Painted with acrylics, and embellished with a tie-dyed flower.  Read [...]