Back to School Grade Announcement

Back to School: Free downloadable!

    Who's thinking about back to school?!  ME! :) For years I've seen other mom's posting Facebook pictures of their kids with placards saying what grade the kids were entering and I'm the slacker mom who didn't make a sign, [...]


Teaching Em how to Refinish Furniture – Part II

This post is the second part to Teaching my 5 year old how to refinish furniture.  We finished painting and decorating the trunk.  I also added a neat feature to the trunk, a false bottom! Again, surprisingly easy - this [...]

Bedroom Makeover by Grinninglikeanidiot-0214

Teaching Em how to Refinish Furniture

It's been a while since I posted, I didn't mean to take a break, but it just happened.  Two vacations and disruptive news did it for me - I was completely distracted.  But I've been dying to share this with [...]

Developing My Daughter's Passion

Developing My Daughter’s Passion

So, I lied to to my daughter.  I felt bad about 'tricking' her, but I wanted her to be part of her surprise bedroom makeover.   It took me a while to figure out how we are going to make [...]


The Start of a Surprise Bedroom Makeover

One of my fondest memories is when I was about 5 years old. My brother and I had spent a week at my Grandma and Grandpa's farm in the early 1980s. And while Steve and I had a great time, [...]


How My experience with Kids Art turned me on to Art: Spotlight on Faigie!

Hello dear readers! Please welcome my guest poster, Faigie Kobre the author of and owner of the blog  Edu Art 4 Kids. I have always loved art. As a child I spent some of my time copying from other pictures.I however, did not [...]

I see myself in you--4

Kids and What I Learned Today – Our People

This past weekend I learned how much we are not in control.  One day, when this is over, I will share with you my worries, issues and prayers - but for now I can't, I just can't....I can't even write [...]

Elf On the Shelf Connect 4 by GrinningLikeAnIdiot-0129

Elf On The Shelf – Brings a Friend

This past week, the Elf hasn't been very exciting around our house...he's been digging through packages, playing in a bird cage, but one day he just didn't do anything - LilMan was pretty disappointed to find him in the same [...]

Tate Farms-GrinningLikeAnIdiot-0038

Tate Farms – the Place to Be for Fall

I don't know about you guys, but I feel like fall has fallen on us FAST!  We went to Tate Farms one Saturday after Em and LilMan had soccer games and arrived at Tate Farms a little after 2 and [...]

What if?"

Kids and What I Learned Today – What If…?

Our morning school day routine is perfectly timed so that we have to leave the house at 6:50 to avoid long car lines and get LilMan to school by 7:00, 7:04 at the latest.  Every morning we follow the same [...]


Photoshop Tutorial – How to Blur Background

The other day Em, Lilman and I were goofing off in my office/craftroom and naturally I had my camera.  It had been a while since I used my 50mm lens so I was taking some goof off pictures to get [...]


Reuse Child’s Art Easel – Part II

Waste not, want not...right!  In Part I of Reusing a Child's Art Easel I took apart Em's old Easel to make a wall Easel.  In this second post, I'll put to use the paint trays. Here is the Wall Art [...]

I see myself in you-

Kids and What I learned – Payback

The other day I had a two unrelated conversation with two parents who have children around the same age as mine ( 4 and 6) and what I found was very comforting.  Their kids are about the same pain in [...]

3 Generations

3 Generations of Art!

Hey Everyone!, I've been away from posting for a while so that I could work on bringing you all more options to get some artwork into your house....not everyone actually wants to paint, I get that... So I've opened up [...]


Kids and What I Learned Today- Taking a Moment

Today, I swear all I wanted to do was sit on the back porch and read a book.  I haven't read a book for entertainment in 5 months (I've read educational books, but nothing for fun).  I told my kids, [...]

Free ebook: Teaching kids how to draw

Announcing my Free Ebook!!! Teaching kids how to draw

I got into blogging because I love to share ideas and I love it when someone actually does something that I've posted (I will literally clap my hands and squeal). :) It makes me feel like a contributor to the [...]


I Am One Proud Mom

Over the last couple of weeks I've experienced an overwhelming since of pride in my daughter's artistic ability.  Don't get me wrong, I'm proud of both of my kids, they are bright, thoughtful (sometimes selfish), and curious.  They have great [...]

Grinning Like An Idiot- Candy Cane Sweet Rolls-0139-2

Simple Christmas Sweet Rolls

These were so simple. All you need is a can of the Pillsbury Orange Sweet Rolls.  Unroll them and twist, cook per the directions for about 8 minutes.  Done!


I Hate Goodie Bags!

My rant: I hate making them, I hate receiving them - whoever started making Goodie Bags should've been shunned rather than copied.  I just picture that it started from some ultra-rich Jones type that everyone wanted to keep up with [...]


Semi-homemade Halloween Nursery Rhyme {Silhouette Template}

Do you need a Last Minute Halloween Costume or non-spooky Costume? The night before a school parade I found out that Tyler needed a costume of his favorite nursery rhyme, so we went through a book that I've read to [...]

Alpha Mom

My First Encounter with the Alpha Mom

This soccer season my Hubby volunteered to be a Coach. When he first told me over the phone he was calling me from his "Man Conference" in Orlando.  My first thought was 'crap, don't I do enough' and what I [...]


12 Whys in 2 Minutes

I'm about two minutes behind Em and LilMan's activities. As I'm trying to catchup, I'm walking from upstairs to downstairs, moving from room to room, asking myself: Why is the bathroom light on? Why don't they flush the toilet? Why [...]


Kids and What I Learned Today

Every major event in our child's life is a big deal for us parents, we take pictures, make scrapbooks, blog - do everything we can to document these moments.    To them it is just another stepping stone.  Today, Tyler [...]

Decorating Pillows-0018

Decorating Pillows – Embellish with Ribbons

Last weekend Em made another pillow from with a bowl of ribbon and stuff that I had made or collected that I hadn't found a use for just yet.  She started decorating another pillow while still in her pajamas. (I [...]


Kids and What I Learned Today

It's the simple pleasures that kids love and they love for us to show/share with them. Tyler is staying with Grandma and Grandpa this week while he is between summer camp and kindergarten. Now, my parents aren't the most entertaining [...]