25 Kid Friendly Halloween Crafts

25 (and growing) Kid Friendly Halloween Crafts

Fall is upon us and kids are starting to come indoors a lot more.  I seem to be hearing the phrase "I'm bored" with that annoying whine behind it that strikes the nerve.  The nerve that says 'oh, I'll give you [...]

Tate Farms-GrinningLikeAnIdiot-0038

Tate Farms – the Place to Be for Fall

I don't know about you guys, but I feel like fall has fallen on us FAST!  We went to Tate Farms one Saturday after Em and LilMan had soccer games and arrived at Tate Farms a little after 2 and [...]

Chicken Wire Ghost-0017

Pinterest Do – Chicken Wire Ghost

I just love Halloween!  It's the one time a year that it's okay for adults to dress up in funky, fun costumes and shamelessly eat candy and you can let your imagination run wild of all the crazy scary stuff [...]


Semi-homemade Halloween Nursery Rhyme {Silhouette Template}

Do you need a Last Minute Halloween Costume or non-spooky Costume? The night before a school parade I found out that Tyler needed a costume of his favorite nursery rhyme, so we went through a book that I've read to [...]


Halloween Macarons!

I had the pleasure to visit Amanda's kitchen from Kevin and Amanda and make the most delicate, delightful, decadent desserts ever - a Macaron! The name doesn't describe how heavenly they are...and we made them fun by decorating them for [...]


Fairy Princess Ballerina Costume

Em couldn't quite decide between Princess, Fairy and Ballerina costume, so I made a mixture of them all :) Here is her Fairy, Ballerina,  Princess Costume with Wand and Hair Accessories. For the costume I followed the Butterick B5545 pattern [...]


Halloween Vinettes

I have as many Halloween decorations as I do Christmas decorations. Usually I decorate my breakfast room with Halloween stuff, but this year I extended beyond the breakfast room.  CHECK OUT THE DINING ROOM SPIDER DECOR My mom made this [...]


Bird Halloween Costume

The LilMan was flipping through a party store catalog and saw a picture of a black bird, and declared "I want to be a black bird for Halloween! Can you make me one?" Click here to see how I made [...]

Glow in the dark spider balls for Halloween

Glow in the Dark Spider Balls

HOW SUPER COOL ARE THESE!!! This is probably one of the easiest crafts I've done and I even got the kids involved. Check out how to make a really neat Halloween decoration! // Pin It What You'll Need String/Yarn Elmer's [...]


Drawing Tutorial – Halloween Pumpkin

For a time I taught an after-school art enrichment program for ages 5 - 9.  This is a subject that is very near and dear to my heart because schools are feeling the crunch of the economy and one of [...]