Pink Tiger at Cedar Hill Farms

Easter at Cedar Hill Farm

I love coming to my in-laws house! It's a mini-vacation!:) We always do something fun, the in-laws always watch and spoil the kids, giving Ben and I time to ourselves. I actually get to read a magazine, have coffee or [...]

Easter Egg Wreath

Another Naptime Creation – Easter Egg Wreath

Another Naptime creation for less than $15.00!  I saw on Pinterest an Easter Egg Wreath, it took me a bit to find the originator because it wasn't pinned correctly to give the originator credit or view the tutorial, but I [...]

Easter Came Early

Easter Came a Little Early

The kids got a preview of the Easter to come this year thanks to Hershey who were at Blissdom. The kids were ecstatic to have bubble wrap (they didn't quite realize what was in the package once I brought out [...]