Decorative Boxes

Bedroom Makeover by Grinninglikeanidiot-2

Em’s Surprise Bedroom Makeover!

After a month of planning and sewing we did it!  The whole family was in on Em's surprise bedroom makeover: Grandma, Grandpa, Ben, LilMan and Mammaw.  Everyone had a hand. :) The Plan We had to get Em out of [...]

Teacher's Gifts--6

Teacher’s Gift – Scrapbook Gift Tags

This week my little boy graduates from Pre-K.  His school actually had the graduation at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens!  This was way better than my Grad School Graduation! I've been beyond happy with his school Primrose. He has been with [...]

Grandpa's Birthday--2

Silhouette Tag and Uniquely Decorated Birthday Present

Grandpa , my dad, turned 65 this year and we had to celebrate! So we put together a small family gathering where we grilled burgers, had lots of appetizers and yummy food.  Grandpa was in his element, good food, family and [...]

How to Make Basket Liners

Tutorial – How to Make Basket Liners

I recently purchased some plain baskets for craftroom storage and wanted to spiff them up with some pretty fabric.  So I needed to make basket liners.  I've never made basket liners before and it took me two stabs at it [...]

Cake Plate Modified

Turn a Cake Plate into a Tool Caddy

I'm always looking for something to keep my sewing tools handy and came up with a handy way to keep the tools close and also move the quickly out of my way when I need the room. I used: Some [...]


My Hidden Stash

I'm in the process of redecorating and organizing my Office/Craftroom and just had to share my favorite part!  The refreshment area for an afternoon pick-me-up. ;-) It looks seemingly innocent area, right?  My single cup Keurig, with a bowl of [...]


I’m Thankful: Decorative Box and Family Activity

This past weekend we went to Church, something we hadn't done in a while.  The Pastor's words really hit a nerve with me, so much I started crying and couldn't put it into words to my husband why I was [...]


Treasure Box – Storage for Spare Change

The busiest room in the house...My laundry room is the first room, you walk into from the garage. It is the drop off place for many things: shoes, hats, jackets, socks, laundry, purses, leashes etc. Check out the Pretty Treasure [...]