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Elf on The Shelf – Attacked!

The scene: It was a warm winter day, LilMan came home from school, finished his homework and was watching Sponge Bob Square Pants, I was upstairs on a conference call.  It was a quiet day, with little drama and not [...]

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Elf On The Shelf – Gets Dressed Up

There is no more question which Elf is the girl and which one is the boy. :) I love their mischievous looks. :)  This one looks like he's asking "How you do-in?" in the Joey Tribbiani accent.

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Elf on The Shelf – Chocolate Covered Anything Day!

To what to my wondering eyes should appear?  CANDY!  The Elves brought Chocolate Covered Everything!!! December 16th is Chocolate Covered Anything day - who makes up this stuff, I have no clue - but I'll certainly use this as an [...]

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Elf On The Shelf – Brings a Friend

This past week, the Elf hasn't been very exciting around our house...he's been digging through packages, playing in a bird cage, but one day he just didn't do anything - LilMan was pretty disappointed to find him in the same [...]


Candy Cane Oreo Cookie Balls

I know the  stores began getting ready for Christmas back in August, but when it is 80/90 degrees outside, it is really hard to start thinking about Christmas.  But now, the weather has turned, the leaves have fallen, and the [...]

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Elf on the Shelf – In Aweee

Don't you just love to watch pretty lights, where you let your eyes relax and glaze over until the lights become slightly blurred and seem to be brighter than before?   That's what our Elf, Lily, did...he (yes, he) jumped [...]

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Elf on the Shelf – MY Nut Clusters!

Chocolate Coated, Macadamia, Salted Caramel Nut Clusters - need I say more...these are MINE! and Who did we catch this morning!   He's lucky he's cute or I'd boot his butt back to the North Pole!  :)  The kids got [...]

Elf On the Shelf

Elf on the Shelf – Makes Candy Bundles!

What an awesome way to wake up - to CANDY!!!  The Elf on the Shelf - now named Lily (yes he is a boy, but our LilMan liked the name Lily...anyway...) took Hersey Kisses Cherry Cordial (OMG - the best [...]

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Simple Christmas Sweet Rolls

These were so simple. All you need is a can of the Pillsbury Orange Sweet Rolls.  Unroll them and twist, cook per the directions for about 8 minutes.  Done!

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Elf on the Shelf: Naughty Elf

This morning we found the Elf next to our Leg Lamp - that's our elf - mischievous.  The Leg Lamp from the movie "Christmas Story" is one of my favorite Christmas decorations. Now I had a bit of fun with [...]

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How to Make a Snowman Tree Topper

This year we decided to have colored lights on the tree, and because of this one change I needed to make some decorating changes - the gold and white angel on top such a vibrant tree just wouldn't cut it.  [...]

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Elf On The Shelf Came to Our House

  Elf on the Shelf has arrived. Join our family in the family fun and joy this little guy brings.       Last night we let the kids sleep under the Christmas... In years past, we've always had white [...]


Elf on the Shelf – TOO MUCH FUN!

Over the last several days while I've been away the Elf and family has been up to a lot of fun! Pin It On Wednesday morning the Elf was found at LilMan's computer with the Elf on the Shelf story [...]


Prepare for Fun in the Snow: How to Make a Snowman Kit

Get ready for the snow and building family memories while building a Snowman!  You can make this snowman kit during nap-time! In the South we do not get a lot of snow, but when we do we want to make [...]


Elf on the Shelf – Story Time – TOOO CUTE!

I'm so proud of my hubby!   While I'm away he sent me pictures of what the Elf has been doing:  this morning Ben sent me pics of the Elf reading his story to the other stuffed animals on the stairs...it [...]


Shopping Find! – Christmas Vacation Moose Mugs!!!

Can you relate to the movie "Christmas Vacation"?  If yes, you have to get these mugs!  If not, you still have to start some funny conversations. Every year when the kids are asleep we watch "Christmas Vacation " movie, the [...]


Elf on the Shelf – Shoe Shopping

This morning the Elf was easy to find, he was trying on the kids shoes!   We are always catching the kids (both of them) trying on my pretty red heels and walking around, I guess the Elf thought it looked [...]


Christmas Macarons! – Sparkling Treat for your Mouth and Table

Make a dessert that will delight the eyes and the tummy; a wonderful Sparkly French Macaron!    Look how gorgeous these are!! Amanda and I have made a total of 10 batches of Macarons together over the last 3 months, [...]


Elf on the Shelf – Monkey Business

 This morning we found the Elf hanging out with some high fliers. Spiderman and the monkeys are hanging out with the flying elf (a way from the dogs - the elf got carted away by one of the dogs the [...]


Elf on the Shelf – Who Sank my Battleship?

Looking for a Elf on the Shelf idea where the kids will engage? This is the one! All it takes is a Board game! Pin It This morning the kids were so quick to play the game, I didn't get [...]


Elf on the Shelf – Playing with the Dogs

We are dog sitting for Kevin and Amanda while they are on a trip.  The kids are having so much fun playing with Howie and Miley that the Elf had to join in. He took the ball! The kids walked [...]


Elf on the Shelf – Singing Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer

Over the last couple of days the Elf on the Shelf has really made himself at home.  We caught him and some others singing.  The Elf got together with our moose and a posse of stuffed animals to sing "Grandma [...]


Shopping Find – Leg Lamp!

Classic movie - The Christmas Story!  If you've never seen the movie, you must! I first saw it in college and have watched it every year at least 5 times.  So I was super excited when I ran across the [...]


Elf on the Shelf – He’s a funny little guy :)

 This morning the kids found the Elf in the bathroom.  Em came running out of the bathroom "Mom! I want to show you somping!" No typo there, she says 'something' like 'somping'. :)  "Look, he drew on the mirror!"  The [...]


Elf on the Shelf – Fabulous Decorator!

 Last night I started decorating my dining room for Christmas and the Elf finished it for me with a wonderful touch of whimsy.    He hung marshmallows from the light fixture and put marshmallows all over the table...it's so pretty! [...]