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Jul 21st, 2014 On The Homefront

Some time ago, my husband came home from Reserves with the news that he’s 90% sure he’ll be deployed.  For the first week and a half I experienced all the stages of grief over and over again.  I grieved for the […]

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Back to School Grade Announcement
Jul 24th, 2014 No Comments">No Comments

    Who’s thinking about back to school?!  ME! For years I’ve seen other mom’s posting Facebook pictures of their kids with placards saying what grade the kids were entering and I’m the slacker mom who didn’t make a sign, who […]

Jul 21st, 2014 3 Comments">3 Comments

Some time ago, my husband came home from Reserves with the news that he’s 90% sure he’ll be deployed.  For the first week and a half I experienced all the stages of grief over and over again.  I grieved for the […]

Promise by Stephanie at Grinning Like An Idiot-0101
Jun 30th, 2014 No Comments">No Comments

This painting started out in my mom and dad’s back yard.  I literally sat outside for a bit and painted – it’s called a Plein Air technique.  Plein Air you use a quick drying medium like Liquin and Turpenoid so […]

Jun 22nd, 2014 4 Comments">4 Comments

I did it…I can’t believe I just did it…I have serious butterflies in my stomach, tears are in my eyes because I’m so nervous.  What if they don’t like it?  What if I’ve been kidding myself for 13 years?  What […]

Jun 16th, 2014 No Comments">No Comments

This post is the second part to Teaching my 5 year old how to refinish furniture.  We finished painting and decorating the trunk.  I also added a neat feature to the trunk, a false bottom! Again, surprisingly easy – this […]

How to Make a Window Box by Grinninglikeanidiot-0051
Jun 9th, 2014 No Comments">No Comments

If you saw Em’s surprise bedroom makeover, then you saw the pretty window box that I made.  Now here is the thing, it took me about 45 minutes of hands on time to make the window box.  Hands off time […]

Apr 21st, 2014 No Comments">No Comments

Hey guys, It’s been a while since I’ve been on my regular schedule of Monday posts, but I swear I’ve been busy with crafty stuff.  As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure I have issues.  So I’ve put together […]

Bedroom Makeover by Grinninglikeanidiot-0214
Apr 15th, 2014 No Comments">No Comments

It’s been a while since I posted, I didn’t mean to take a break, but it just happened.  Two vacations and disruptive news did it for me – I was completely distracted.  But I’ve been dying to share this with […]

Mar 31st, 2014 No Comments">No Comments

Your power tools will last for years, if taken care of correctly. To properly take care of your power tools, you need to clean them about every six months. You must follow a strict cleaning process to ensure your power […]

Bedroom Makeover by Grinninglikeanidiot-2
Mar 10th, 2014 2 Comments">2 Comments

After a month of planning and sewing we did it!  The whole family was in on Em’s surprise bedroom makeover: Grandma, Grandpa, Ben, LilMan and Mammaw.  Everyone had a hand. The Plan We had to get Em out of the […]

Mar 5th, 2014 No Comments">No Comments

Before you start your next DIY project, take a look at this handy infographic from UK Oak Doors, and answer the questions on the flow chart truthfully. Some DIY projects make a lot of sense, but not everyone has the […]

Developing My Daughter's Passion
Mar 3rd, 2014 No Comments">No Comments

So, I lied to to my daughter.  I felt bad about ‘tricking’ her, but I wanted her to be part of her surprise bedroom makeover.   It took me a while to figure out how we are going to make […]

What is your passion?
Feb 24th, 2014 11 Comments">11 Comments

Some people have a passion for creating, law, art, designing, decorating, medicine, teaching etc.  How do you know when you have passion?  Passion is when you you start something and suddenly the day is gone and you’ve forgotten to eat, […]

Silhouette Promo 2_20-2_28
Feb 21st, 2014 4 Comments">4 Comments

Silhouette is having another promotion this month!!  (the dust cover would have been handy – I had a wine/crafting accident ). ·         1 CAMEO, 1 stamping starter kit, 1 light hold cutting mat, 1 teal CAMEO dust cover for $269.99 […]

Feb 17th, 2014 16 Comments">16 Comments

One of my fondest memories is when I was about 5 years old. My brother and I had spent a week at my Grandma and Grandpa’s farm in the early 1980s. And while Steve and I had a great time, […]

Red Envelop Gallery Frame by Grinninglikeanidiot--2
Feb 13th, 2014 12 Comments">12 Comments

For Valentine’s Day I created a wall design to go around gallery of pictures shown in the post “To my Valentine“.  Frankly, I was surprised it turned out as good as it did. The idea started with just putting a […]

Red Envelop Gallery Frame by Grinninglikeanidiot-
Feb 11th, 2014 6 Comments">6 Comments

Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day can be really tricky days to shop. I want to get something memorable and something they don’t have, and/or perhaps something personal.  Finding something like that is rarely found in Target or Walmart but […]

I wish I would have bought-
Feb 10th, 2014 7 Comments">7 Comments

Do you have something that you wish you would have bought when you saw it but didn’t? This is my shopping regret. I was cleaning/organizing my pictures, I took this picture on my iPhone while I was in New York in […]

button_feb6-14 thumbnail
Feb 6th, 2014 5 Comments">5 Comments

I’ve had been working on a Robot themed bedroom for LilMan.  As part of my design I wanted to put Formulas all over his room (who knows maybe he’ll memorize them and it’ll serve him someday).  In order to do […]

Feb 5th, 2014 11 Comments">11 Comments

Hello dear readers! Please welcome my guest poster, Faigie Kobre the author of and owner of the blog  Edu Art 4 Kids. I have always loved art. As a child I spent some of my time copying from other pictures.I however, did not […]

Home Depot Doit herself
Feb 3rd, 2014 18 Comments">18 Comments

Why do you read my blog – I hope it is because I shoot the truth and don’t waste your time and provide valuable content.  Which is why I feel it necessary to write about Home Depot Do it Herself. […]

Jan 29th, 2014 11 Comments">11 Comments

Hello dear readers! Please welcome my guest poster, Quinn McAdams! Quinn is a self-proclaimed health enthusiast. She loves spending time with her husband and two boys. When she’s not driving her boys from sports practice to sports practice, she enjoys a […]

Jan 22nd, 2014 3 Comments">3 Comments

A lot of us have goals for better eating, lose weight and stay within a budget. I loved this graphic as a reminder of budgetary parameters to stay within for each meal – and then it has recommended meals! Statistics […]

Jan 20th, 2014 7 Comments">7 Comments

I am, like many of you, BUSY!  And like many of you, I have set fitness goals or “resolutions”.  I wrote an article almost 2 years ago about how to keep a new years resolution and keep it, and in […]

I see myself in you--4
Jan 15th, 2014 12 Comments">12 Comments

This past weekend I learned how much we are not in control.  One day, when this is over, I will share with you my worries, issues and prayers – but for now I can’t, I just can’t….I can’t even write […]

Jan 13th, 2014 34 Comments">34 Comments

Painting, creating, sewing is a passion, one that I freely share and encourage in everyone.  It drives me nuts when someone says “I can’t”…the truth is, if you have a desire to do something, then do it and then YOU […]

Jan 6th, 2014 6 Comments">6 Comments

Did you notice anything different? Did you double check the URL to make sure you went to the right site?  I’ve been working on a revised theme/skin since October, something clean, easy to find stuff and visually pleasing to you […]

Dec 31st, 2013 2 Comments">2 Comments

Hey everyone! Happy New Year!! I’m not sure if you noticed, but I haven’t posted a new article in a week, this slow streak will soon end as soon as my site has undergone a major change. I’m getting ready […]

Elf On the Shelf by GrinningLikeAnIdiot-
Dec 20th, 2013 3 Comments">3 Comments

The scene: It was a warm winter day, LilMan came home from school, finished his homework and was watching Sponge Bob Square Pants, I was upstairs on a conference call.  It was a quiet day, with little drama and not […]

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