"Lil' Boy's Talkin Smack" 16x20" Acrylic
Being a frequent attendee of dog shows, I am very familiar with a number of artists who frequent these shows to promote their business. I have engaged many in conversation but never seriously considered commissioning a painting.  What sparked my interest in working with Stephanie was her interest in the subject and why such a painting would be meaningful to me. I had a good picture for her to work from, however, she was interested in seeing different pictures from different angles.   She wanted to truly understand the subject and to capture his very essence in her work.

The result was absolutely smashing! My boy is so life-like that he seems to jump off the page. Her ability to capture depth, wrinkles, shading, expression, etc is phenomenal. As a result, I have commissioned her to do a second painting for me - and I can’t wait to see it!

John Lancaster
Chairman & CEO
First Freedom Bank

"Charlie" 3x3" Magnet Acrylic
"Bonnie" 3x3" Magnet Acrylic 

Meeting you at a dog fair, we knew you were just as big of a dog lover as my husband and I are! We were immediately drawn to your paintings and the special details in each of them. We were confident that you would do a great job in capturing the personalities and looks of our pups in the paintings that we ordered. We couldn't be more pleased with the end product - what a great way to remember our four-legged family members forever!
We would absolutely recommend you to others! We were so impressed with your communication throughout the process as well as your quick turnaround time. It was a true pleasure working with you!
Thank you!

"Dutch" 11x14" Oil

"Harriet" 11x14" Oil

I was 100% comfortable that Stephanie would deliver everything above satisfactory. She was always extremely professional and knowledgeable regarding our pet portraits. Even though I have a "black" dog, she was able to explain the various other colors that also come into play with my dog's fur. Now, I'm not an artist, so while I had no clue what she was referring to, she clearly did because the product was beyond phenomenal. In fact, our pet portraits are our most favorite wall decorations we own. Every time someone visits, they are a center piece for conversations and compliments!

I would highly recommend Stephanie to anyone wanting any professional paintings completed, whether pet portraits, landscapes, still life's, etc. She is truly gifted in being able to recreate beautiful images to display.

Megan W. 

"Four Lovelies" 8x10" Oil
The portrait was perfect! More than I expected. I have done several 'paint your pet' classes and they were just not up to par. I felt like your painting was professionally done, and a real work of art. I've already recommended you to my family and friends because of how satisfied I am 😊 thank you so much again!!!
Jen M.

I have one portrait of Molly in my study at eye level when seated & one in my bathroom at eye level when at one of my sinks.  I look at them often & still love them - and her.  The one in the bathroom I see in the mirror as I wash my hands & curl my hair.  The one in the study I see when I look to my right.
What first drew me to you was the portrait of your dog.  I could see how talented you were doing a portrait of your pet.  If you don't remember - I saw this at the Arts Festival on Monte Sano a year ago.  When speaking with you then you were very pleasant & understanding & assured me you'd work with me until I was satisfied with the results.
You seemed to be open to my comments & concerns & you were available for communication.  That is important.
I most definitely would recommend you.  Being able to view Molly's lovely portraits has helped me in my grieving the loss of her.  You captured her so well.  I can look at her & talk to her.
Best Wishes!
Melody S.