Who is the Grinning Idiot?

That’s me, Stephanie. I came up with the title for this blog when Ben and I were traveling to New York because you could tell we were tourists - we were the only ones Grinning Like Idiots walking the streets of New York, fumbling for my camera to take a picture of a rat in a subway! I am generally a happy person, occasionally I go on a rant like, I hate Goodie bags!. But like I said, generally I’m a happy person and I like being around other creative, happy people; so what better way to find my people than to write and be with them!

What Makes Me Grin Like An Idiot

I love doing anything creative and sharing what I create! Painting is probably one of my most leisurely activities, but I also like building and destroying stuff too.  My daughter has taken a big interest in painting/drawing so when I put together drawing and painting tutorials, I do it with her in mind and even have the kids actually do the tutorials like How to Draw a Pill Bug (aka Rolly Polly). Recently,  I have started expanding into woodworking, because frankly, I usually have a very specific idea of exactly what I want so that means I’ll have to make it. Em’s bedroom makeover was my first building experience where I got to use a saw in building a window box. My next adventures will be with Table Saws, Planers and who knows what else. As you can guess, I LOVE learning knew things.:)

How did I get this way?

I wasn’t always creative, but I was definitely driven. Driven to do what ?…Well, that really depended on the point in my life.  In school, I wanted A’s.  I finished my MBA as one of the youngest and I had highest salary.  I received another masters in Project Management by 22 and so on. But with this drive, also came a need to find/do something that wasn’t competitive, something that was all my own. And that’s when I started painting. My family is pretty crafty. My mom earned extra money at craft shows selling ornaments, her bears that she designed herself and many other sewing crafts. And later in life, she started hand painting china and designing artwork using porcelain clay. My dad was also a talented draftsman, my brother and uncle excellent woodworkers/carpenters. We are a family of do-it-yourselfers, for sure.

A Little About My Family

I'm married to my college sweetheart.  We met in tennis class at Ole Miss (we were the best in the class and kept getting paired up and too begin with we didn't like each other :)). We have two wonderful children who keep us very busy with soccer, cheerleading, baseball, school and art. I’ve recently left the corporate world and 6 figure salary to become a stay-at-home mom and I've never been happier! I’m finding that everything I’ve done in my 15 year career as a Project Manager plays into everything I do to run a household. As a stay-at-home mom, I have the same restrictions as a Project Manager: resources, time and money, and I’m mastering the trifecta balancing act.

Quotes I Live By and Say A Lot

"Can't never could.” - my mom "If you want something done right, do it yourself!” - my mom "SIT DOWN AND LIGHT!" - my mom.  To this day I have no clue what that means, I just knew it meant to stop going up and down the stairs or stop going inside and outside. :) I find myself wanting to say it to my kids as well.
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If You’d Like To Advertise With Me

I’m low maintenance and I expect my advertisers to be the same and I’m rather discerning…I’ve worked with clients for over 15 years as a Project Manager, I know high maintenance and I know difficult - I don’t do that anymore. :) So, if you are difficult, you need not apply. :) Here is a link to my media kit that I update every month because I’m experiencing wonderful growth thanks to my awesome readers!