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Paintings Can Save A Bad Photo

Pets are like children, they just never take a picture the way you want them too.:) Or the camera doesn’t capture the moment just right (it’s too bright, it’s too dark, it caused redeye, hollow-eye etc.). With a custom oil portrait, those problems disappear and leave you with a timeless portrait of your loved one.

Here are a few real-world examples:

This little guy's name is Braxton.  The challenge was the picture the family liked was forever captured in a 2" sticker but they LOVED the tilt of Braxton's head and smile so I was able to paint and 11 x 14" traditional oil painting.

The challenge of this picture no detail of the eyes but the perky ears and expression of hope for a treat were just too cute!  So I painted the pup in a dry brush oil painting that was dedicated just to him!

This is a beautiful gray, long-haired cat with piercing eyes. The perfect photo was forever captured in an old flip phone. With the phone plugged into the wall, I was able to recreate the picture into a painting that captured the softness that her mom saw and loved.

My Process and Pricing

A portrait of a loved one is something that you can cherish forever.  In the timeless pieces that I recreate, I truly personalize them to meet the look and feeling that your story tells of your loved one.  A dog is not just a dog, he or she is your baby, just like your child is forever your baby.  

If you are interested in a pet or child's portrait, here is my pricing and process.  It is my goal to give you a portrait that you will cherish and bring a smile to your face every time you view the memory. 

Here is what I’ll need to get started: 

  •     Portrait:  Do you have a picture that you just love because it shows their character or sentiment?  If you have several pets but they just won’t take a picture together?   Do you have a tiny picture but love it so?

    No worries!  I can use multiple reference photos to create or recreate the scene in a beautiful portrait. (I’ve even worked from a cell phone and a two-inch sticker to create a portrait for the family to forever cherish!)
  • Tell me about your pet or child: when I paint a portrait I want to know what your  loved one is like, personality, favorite activity etc.  A mischievous eye looks a lot different from a happy-go-lucky eye. :)
  • Size of the Painting:  Where do you plan to hang your custom portrait? This one question helps determine the size that would best fit your space.

    This one question also helps me understand the color scheme of your home  so I can add those accents into the painting to truly customize your portrait to your home!

  • Painting Style:  What style you’d like the pet portrait to be: traditional, dry brush oil or pop-art style.  I’ve attached some images for reference. Note: pop art style is available in square canvas only; the equivalent size would be a 12 x 12.  
  • Timeline to Complete:  Is this painting a gift or, alternatively do you have a due date in mind.
  • Budget:  I break up the payments where half is up front to start and the remainder upon completion so that my custom pet portraits are budget friendly.

How it works:
  • Painting Process: I’ll send you pictures throughout the process, so you’ll get to approve the drawing before I go to the next step.  I’ll send a picture of the initial underpainting and each step until completion.  Your input is more than welcome during the process!
  • Timeline: The painting, cure time and sealant (to protect from UV rays, and dust) can take up to 4 - 6 weeks to be completed, the time is dependent on the size and number of subject.  The process can be expedited if needed.
  • Budget: Once you’ve determined the above, I’ll send you an invoice with the details.  Half is due before I begin and the remainder is due upon completion to my PayPal account
  • Shipping: will be included on the final invoice, if applicable.

Cost for a Hand Painted and Custom Oil Painting:
      •   Cost is dependent on the size and number of subjects to paint.  
      •   The Cost is broken up into 2 payments: 1/2 at the start of the project and the remainder upon completion. 

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me at!

Many thanks for valuing my work and I hope to hear from you soon!!!


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