Nickelodeon Spongebob Family Pic

Disney & Nickelodeon Vacation: Nickelodeon Resort

Ben and I originally planned to go to Italy this year for his 40th birthday and the vacation of a life-time, but once we found out that he was going to be deployed we changed our plans to have a [...]

Grinning Like An Idiot- Tybee Island 2013-0198

Painting Trip – Tangible and Not Tangible

Recently mom and I headed to Tybee Island for a painting seminar - she took a China Painting class where she learned how to use an airbrush on porcelain and where I took a class in oil painting with Andrew [...]

Pink Tiger at Cedar Hill Farms

Easter at Cedar Hill Farm

I love coming to my in-laws house! It's a mini-vacation!:) We always do something fun, the in-laws always watch and spoil the kids, giving Ben and I time to ourselves. I actually get to read a magazine, have coffee or [...]


Grinning like an idiot

Did you notice anything different?  Don't cha just love that question? :) I was in New York about a month ago on business and then took a couple of days off to have a vacation in New York with my [...]