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To My Valentine

Valentines Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day can be really tricky days to shop. I want to get something memorable and something they don't have, and/or perhaps something personal.  Finding something like that is rarely found in Target or Walmart but [...]

I wish I would have bought-

Making a Call Out – Help Please :)

Do you have something that you wish you would have bought when you saw it but didn't? This is my shopping regret. I was cleaning/organizing my pictures, I took this picture on my iPhone while I was in New York in [...]

Home Depot Doit herself

Home Depot – Do it HerSelf Review

Why do you read my blog - I hope it is because I shoot the truth and don't waste your time and provide valuable content.  Which is why I feel it necessary to write about Home Depot Do it Herself. [...]

3 Generations

3 Generations of Art!

Hey Everyone!, I've been away from posting for a while so that I could work on bringing you all more options to get some artwork into your house....not everyone actually wants to paint, I get that... So I've opened up [...]

Washcloth Bunnies from minted.com/julep

Birthday’s, Weddings – Are You Freaking Out?

Getting a bit nostalgic on you...stay with me :). Remember when we didn't have email, we didn't have blogs, we didn't have Facebook, MS Outlook, Twitter, Pinterest, cell phones - man I do - I haven't reached 40 yet and [...]

How to Tell if it is Good China-0087

How to Tell if it is “Good” China

You've probably heard either someone say in real-life or in a movie "fine China" or "she brought out the good China"; I never really stopped to think about it before - but what does it mean to have "Good China"? [...]


Happy Birthday to Me!

Thanks to my Mother-in-law I went on a bit of a shopping spree for my birthday at Anthropology!  I absolutely LOVE Anthropology, not only for the clothes but also the fun household knickknacks.  But you know how it is, it's [...]

Customer Service thumbnail

Select Blinds – Fantastic Customer Service

I've heard that bad customer service gets told repeatedly and that good customer service is only told to like 5 people; my experience with Select Blinds was just so GREAT I had to share! When Ben and I bought our [...]

Pasta Noodles-

Shopping Find- Gorgeous Pasta!

I saw this Torino Italian Handmade all Natural Pasta at Costco, yes Costco, and just had to get it!   How pretty is this!!! Torino Designer Pasta Rainbow Farfalline (pretty bows) and the Torino Designer Pasta Farfalla Primavera (looks like [...]

Redneck Glassware-0049

Shopping Find – Redneck Glasses

I found these great glasses at Bed Bath & Beyond: Kountry Krystal (don't forget to use a Bed Bath & Beyond coupon!) How fun are these glasses - I had to buy 2 (one for me and one for Ben). [...]

Dr. Scholl's Shoes

Dr. Scholl’s – Shockingly Cute!!!

I never thought I would see the day when I would say I own a pair of Dr. Scholl's shoes...you see when it comes to shoes I'm generally a form over function kind of gal.  Today I actually own a [...]


Paperweight – Who’d a Thunk It!

Need something to hold down your Silhouette Vinyl, Stencil paper, transfer, fabric from moving around, wrapping paper from rolling up, all those things that you need to cut before it runs away or rolls up? My Mom had asked me [...]


My Hidden Stash

I'm in the process of redecorating and organizing my Office/Craftroom and just had to share my favorite part!  The refreshment area for an afternoon pick-me-up. ;-) It looks seemingly innocent area, right?  My single cup Keurig, with a bowl of [...]


Shopping Find – Milk Bottle Measuring Cups :)

I LOVE Anthropology and not just their clothes but all of the fun nicknacks they have. Check out these really neat stack-able measuring cups that make a Milk Bottle!!! It looks so simple and clean - I just love it! [...]


Shopping Find! – Christmas Vacation Moose Mugs!!!

Can you relate to the movie "Christmas Vacation"?  If yes, you have to get these mugs!  If not, you still have to start some funny conversations. Every year when the kids are asleep we watch "Christmas Vacation " movie, the [...]


Shopping Find – Leg Lamp!

Classic movie - The Christmas Story!  If you've never seen the movie, you must! I first saw it in college and have watched it every year at least 5 times.  So I was super excited when I ran across the [...]

>Fantastic Gift for Kids! Hexbug Nano

>With Christmas fast approaching I wanted to share a fantastic gift idea that is inexpensive and the kids enjoy it. The LilMan was given for his birthday a strange looking inch long thing.  It was a toy I had walked [...]


Shopping find! Melting Clock

How super neat is this clock!! I've been looking for a clock for a while to go in my craft room because it seems like time just slips away when I'm in my happy place: a melting clock - how [...]


Tutorial – Girly Tulle Butterfly Wreath

I decided to make a wreath to accentuate the new decor in Em's room.  Pin It   I literally made this wreath during the kids nap time.   To make the wreath you'll need: Styrofoam Wreath 1 yard of Tulle 1 yard [...]


I’m Thankful: Decorative Box and Family Activity

This past weekend we went to Church, something we hadn't done in a while.  The Pastor's words really hit a nerve with me, so much I started crying and couldn't put it into words to my husband why I was [...]

>Craft Supply Shopping – Tips and Coupons

>HOBBY LOBBY, MICHAELS, JO-ANN - I LOVE THEM ALL!!!  The trick to getting a good deals on Craft Supplies is to be prepared! I visited two stores this morning, Hobby Lobby and Jo-Ann Fabrics with a list of what I needed [...]


Love my Sewing/Embroidery Machine!

I recently bought a sewing/embroidery machine.  I LOVE IT!  Prior to this machine, I had three sewing machines sitting on my desk: one that was literally over 30 years old to sew buttons, another for sewing and another for surging; [...]