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Unsolicited Roku Review

Unsolicited Roku 3 Review

Christmas held a lot of surprise gifts for me!  You've already caught the Neato Vacuum cleaner, Rosie.  Well meet Roku 3 Streaming Media Player! To aid with our budget while Ben is away and because I am now a SAHM [...]

Neato Vacuum Unsolicited Review Silhouette Design-

Neato Vacuum Cleaner – My Unsolicited Review And Silhouette Personalization

My blog isn't about reviews or giveaways, but it is about what I find extremely helpful, fun, recipes and ideas, so I wanted to share with you guys one of my favorite gifts I received for Christmas, Neato Vacuum. This [...]


How To Clean Your Power Tools

Your power tools will last for years, if taken care of correctly. To properly take care of your power tools, you need to clean them about every six months. You must follow a strict cleaning process to ensure your power [...]


Finally – The Mess and the Grinning Idiot is BACK!

After about 6 months of trying to sell our house we had enough and pulled our house of the market and I have been smiles ever since!  The grinning idiot is back!  I FINALLY get to make a mess again! [...]

How to Tell if it is Good China-0087

How to Tell if it is “Good” China

You've probably heard either someone say in real-life or in a movie "fine China" or "she brought out the good China"; I never really stopped to think about it before - but what does it mean to have "Good China"? [...]

Breakfast Room Chairs-0015

Recover Breakfast Room Chairs

The chairs in our breakfast room have survived the drippings from two drooling, spilling, spaghetti throwers, sticky hand wiper baby to toddlers.  My hope is that the kids are now old enough to have the restraint needed to not wipe [...]


The Advantages of a Junk Drawer

We all have it, we all don't want it...it's the, dare I say it, dare I admit it??? THE JUNK DRAWER - I here the psycho music music I write this... I hate my junk drawer, I soooo want to [...]

Sink Disaster--2

Sink Disaster Averted

Next to my craft room is a well used bathroom that is often neglected from my cleaning sprees.  The sink has been used to clean paint brushes of oil paint, acrylics, polyurethane, stains, glue etc... I've neglected it for 2 [...]

Honey for Allergies-

Use Honey to Stop Allergies

Me: "Honey?" Ben: "Yes, Sweetie?" dripping with sarcasm. Me: "No, pass the honey...:)"  geez Recently I went to the doctor because during a 3 day visit to New York the allergens kicked my butt!  The allergens apparently got me so [...]

Spring has Sprung

Spring has Sprung – my favorite EASY flowers

I love spring and fall.  In an Alabama Spring the weather ranges from fierce devastating storms to calm warm, sunny days.  The morning I took these pictures, it was 67 degrees, sunny and not a cloud in the sky (note: [...]

Vicks Vapor Rub

Coughing at Night? – Rest Easy

 Guess what time the kids get sick, fever hits or wake up coughing. Always, ALWAYS,  between 1 and 5 am! Fever we can handle with Tylenol or Motrin's help. Throwing up - the kids just gotta get it out - [...]


Hide that Powerstrip in 3 Easy Steps

Need a little space or get annoyed with how visible power strips can be? You can hide it in 3 easy steps. All you need: A little Velcro Power Strip Hot Glue gun And it's as easy as 1, 2, [...]