About Me

Hey I’m Stephanie of Grinning Like An Idiot. Grinning Like An Idiot is me whenever I do something that makes me happy, whether it is sewing, painting, vacationing, a funny interaction, just life in general.  Life is too short to hold those smiles in and too short to not grab onto happiness.

I’m married to my college sweetheart.  We met in tennis class at Ole Miss (we were the best in the class and kept getting paired up and too begin with we didn’t like each other :)). My sophomore year, he decided college was not for him at that time and pursued the military and became a member of the elite Army Rangers – I’m very proud of him. He stayed in the military until 2000 when he decided he wanted a life with me, so we married in 2000 and he went back to college. He is a wonderful husband, father, and with each day I know I’m blessed to be with him.

Here is the full picture of my hubby and I taken by Amanda from KevinandAmanda.com a couple of weeks before our 10 year anniversary.
Together we have two small children who keep us very busy.

My Background
Born in Kentucky, moved to Indiana, Georgia, Illinois, Mississippi and Alabama. Not military, but rather my dad went where the opportunities took him. He started out as a line worker making eight-tracks and progressed in his career to VP of Operations. My mom is very very crafty. The best quotes from my mom:

“Can’t never could”


“if you want something done right, do it yourself!”

She also said “SIT DOWN AND LIGHT!” To this day I have no clue what that means, I just knew it meant to stop going up and down the stairs or stop going inside and outside. :) I find myself wanting to say it to my kids as well.

I went to the University of Mississippi and obtained a degree in Marketing then went to Auburn University and obtained a MBA with a concentration in Management Information Systems, graduated in 1999. I also have a Masters in Project Management from George Washington University. I’ve worked as a Senior Programmer Analyst, Business Analyst, IT Consultant, Project Lead and most of my career has been as a Project Manager for software implementation. What all of these roles have in common is a personality that has to be meticulous and has to have something to accomplish/make- which suits me.

While I love being a Project Manager what I missed was creating something that was an expression of me. So I started painting. I took lessons from Shane McDonald and became really good (if I do say so myself :) ). I even had some shows in some Atlanta Art Gallerys. But once my son was born, between work and him, there simply wasn’t enough time. For about 4 years I went without painting or really doing anything crafty, but once the kids got around 2 and 4 time became available and they became interested in everything I wanted to do.

Now the fun begins!

Now that the kids are getting a little older, not only are they interested in arts and crafts, they can actually participate, give ideas and provide feedback. Many of the arts, crafts and daily lunacy that is/will be on Grinning Like An Idiot is due to my kids and my close family.

You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and as well.