Barktoberfest, Patty-Cakes International and More!

Barktoberfest in Franklin, TN

In October I participated in Barktoberfest in Franklin, Tennessee hosted by Nashville Paws Magazine.  The annual festival is quickly growing to be one of the largest dog festivals in the Southeast.  It was a SO MUCH FUN!

There were around 12,000 people present for the agility competitions, costume competitions, great food and good family friendly fun! While I know I didn't get to visit with 12,000 people, I had a fantastic time visiting with everyone who visited my booth!

For those who dropped in my booth, I offered the opportunity to win a custom pet portrait in their choice of styles, Dry Brush Oil, Traditional Oil or Pop Art Acrylic (in an 11 x 14" or 12x12" gallery wrapped canvas, excluding shipping).  And we have a winner!

Meet Whisky yet (Whisky is the lucky dog who will be getting a pet portrait)! Whisky's family is looking forward to capturing this super dog and a fun portrait!

I know there were many who were interested in getting a pet portrait completed by me and I will certainly be in touch shortly!

I do apologize for not getting in touch sooner.  The reason I haven't been in touch is because I've been hyper-focused on two things that I'll share with you...well one of them I can't share yet because it is a surprise for someone and I'll be presenting it to them in January in Gainsville, FL :).

1) Patty Paws by Patty-Cakes International Inc.

'Patty Paws' is another product offered by Patty-Cakes International. Patty-Cakes International is a 70-year-old company that provides custom, enduring and unbreakable bronze memories of a child's hands and feet...and now paws!

Patty-Paws and I are teaming up to provide a timeless piece of art!  A custom pet portrait in either dry brush oil or pop art acrylic next to a bronzed paw print in a beautiful shadow box.  If you'd like to receive more details about this, please contact Patty-Cakes International at

2) I can't tell yet what else I've been hyper-focused on: but I swear, you'll want to be part of the HONOR! 

I'm working on something in honor of a hero who has served our Country for many years and his owner.  So please, stay tuned.  :)  Here is a sneak peak though:)  A time-lapse video of the dry brush oil painting.

What's up next?
I feel like I haven't given you guys my next post will be either an inside look on how I do pet portraits or maybe a tutorial on how to paint or how to draw, the "how to draw a cover bridge" has been getting a lot of attention lately maybe another drawing ...:)

I've also completed more paintings than I've written about, I'm now selling my own prints so I can verify the quality, custom magnets etc...- one day, I'll catch all you guys up :)... if you really want up to minute info on what I'm doing, please feel free to follow me on Facebook ;)

Feel free to contact me with questions/comments/suggestions!



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