Tennessee Walking Horse 12 x 16" Dry Brush Oil

What I love about the Dry Brush Oil Technique is I only use one color and use the canvas for the highlights.

Tennessee Walking Horse Dry Brush Oil by Stephanie Weaver

This technique creates drama and allows me to show what I want to show; in this painting I wanted to show how calm, and serene this Tennessee Walking Horse's eyes are but at the same time his hair is wild.  When I think about that, isn't this horse like a child; bright eyed, eager, enthusiastic and loved.

Success in artistry is a funny thing.  People often think success is about money or fame.  For me (now, I didn't always have this way of thinking), it's neither money nor fame, painting is about bringing about an emotion or a memory.    When I create a painting that makes me cry or wistfully smile I think I've accomplished something, and when another is touched with the same emotion, I know I've succeeded....my how my life has changed over the last couple of years (read more)..

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Stephanie Weaver

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