Girl and Her Dog Portrait

I donated an 11 x 14" custom pet portrait to our local gymnastics gym for their silent auction to help raise funds for an upcoming show.  I love donating paintings because I feel a bit free to do things differently.

I did two things that were outside of the scope of the project because I wanted to make something beautiful.  :)  I was only supposed to do a pet, but once I saw the picture of this little girl hugging her dog - I knew I had to paint that!

And the other thing that I did that was out of scope was I was supposed to do a color oil painting.  So, I walked into this painting with the thoughts of doing a traditional oil painting in a traditional manner ,meaning, using a monochromatic underpainting, but once I saw the underpainting for what it was I stopped.  The client loved the painting without color too. :)

Why did I want to stop and not add color?  The monochromatic, sepia tones made the painting warm and loving - you can feel the love between this little girl and her dog.  Without color, you focus on the feeling, you can see the child is relaxed with her best friend and the dog has a smile and warm eyes.  There is love there.

Throughout the painting process, I need to remind myself to stop and view the painting for what it is rather than where I want it to go.  Sometimes, the in-between is perfect, such is life. :)

If you'd like to have a custom pet portrait of your own, feel free to contact me at  10% of all pet portraits fee goes to benefit our friends at The Greater Huntsville Humane Society.

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