Marbles 8x10" Oil on Canvas

I love animals and painting them, and yet every now and then I wish to paint something different.  I love a challenge.  :)

"Play it Again" Oil on Canvas $600
"Staying In" Oil on Canvas $600.
Back when I first started painting, I would paint glass and candles - I loved the way the light would dance upon the glass, the romance of it, the glow of the candles.

Sometimes, I see something that reminds me of what I originally saw and I have to paint the inspiration again.

So, I've decided to take some challenges to see how differently I approach glass now that I've gained more experience.

This is my study on marbles, 8 x10" Oil on Canvas.  I think I've gotten a lot better since way-back-when.  I still have my original reference photos that the paintings above were based on; I should paint those again to see how they turn out...

All of the above paintings are for sale.  If you are interested in purchasing them contact me at  If you'd like to purchase a print or a print on a product (like a pillow or phone case, select the link below.

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