Double Pet Portrait from Multiple References

Ever wonder how artists get multiple pets sitting together?

Well, most of the time we don't :) ! Let's face it, a majority of the time the poses that we really like from our pets (and kids) just do not happen in the same picture.  That's where I can help!

I created the painting below based off of 3 photos: 1 for the little character on the left and 1 for the furbaby on the right, then a 3rd photo that showed the two together so that I could see their proportions compared to one another.

If you have several pets or kids that you'd like to capture in one timeless painting, contact me at

I love animals and I've found a way to give, thanks to the gift God has given me: 10% of any pet portrait will go to benefit the Greater Huntsville Humane Society so that you may also help benefit animals who need your support. Get on my list now to be sure you can get a forever gift by Christmas.

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