"Barn Owl" 8 x 10" Oil on Canvas

The other day I saw a program on PBS about owls and I was fascinated!  The bone structure of an owl's neck and skull allows them to turn their head almost 360 degrees without cutting off their blood supply and they even have a pouch of sorts within their head where additional blood supply is held. Their flight is soundless and the weight by which they pounce on their prey is astounding.  Needless to say, I was hooked on this perfect predator and had to paint one.

In this oil painting, the beautiful Barn Owl has nested among bricks where it is actively and silently searching for its next prey.  If you'd like to purchase the original 8 x 10" oil painting for $130, please contact me; stephanie@grinninglikeanidiot.com.

Thank you for following my paintings, crafts and such!


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