Event Magazine - I'm Featured!

It's hard to believe that nearly two years ago I left my job as a Project Manager in a high stress, high paying job to become what I had dreamt of doing for 15 years: I've become an artist and a stay-at-home mom. 

This year, I've found a focus with my painting hobby and a way to give some of myself to Huntsville. It turns out, people like what I have to give and I've been featured in Huntsville's Event Magazine for my works! :)  

I've found a way to combine my two passions: painting and animals as a result, I've started working with the Greater Huntsville Humane Society where I donated a painting to their Dog Ball, I'm providing them 10% of each Pet Portrait, and we are also trying something a bit different - this is a teaser for an upcoming blog post :)  Stay tuned!!!!  

I'm blessed and honored to have this talent, my family's support and found a path that benefits my community. 

I hope you like the article! :)  Check out Event Magazine online or grab one at a local restaurant or grocery store. 

If you'd like a custom oil painting to grace the walls of your home for years to come, please contact me stephanie@grinninglikeanidiot.com.

Thanks for following along with my artwork, crafts and other fun stuff!



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