Art4Paws Dog Show Winner and Latest Painting!

This past weekend I participated in the Art4Paws event located in Madison, Alabama and as a result I now have many new fans!  Thank you everyone who signed up for my newsletter!

Westie Pet Portrait ReferenceThis week I'm excited to announce that I'll be gifting a custom 11 x14" oil painting to one of those who attended the Art4Paws event!  Congratulations to Marilyn, the proud mom of this Westie, Macie!

Isn't she cute!!!  Here is a little about Macie that I hope to capture in her painting: Macie is an avid gardner and sampler of the veggies; she lets her mom know when she needs outside by ringing a bell and although she was the runt of the litter, she is fearless when it comes to guarding her strawberries from the squirrels and birds and barks at all the cows as her and her mom drive by the pastures!

This girl has spunk! I'm going to strive to capture that spunk in her painting! Look at her stance, she is ready to take on the world!

Stay tuned for a viewing of the completed oil painting!  If you really like to see progress paintings or a sneak peek at the finished painting, check out my Facebook or Instagram pages.  

Finished Piece - Meet Bailey

Here is my latest finished painting!  Meet this small beagle named Bailey (love the name: he's a Beagle named Bailey - get it :)  so adorable!!!) 
Dry Brush Oil Painting of Beagle Bailey

Reference Photo of BaileyThe dry brush painting is based off a picture a friend of mine sent to me to use as a muse (I occasionally ask for muses for my daily painting habit :) )

One of the things I love about this painting is how evident it is that he is so close to the height of the blades of grass around him. :)  I think using the dry brush painting technique really shows off his size to the world rather than the coloring that we see in beagles... Can you imagine what the world must look like from his view?

Special Shout-Out

Please help spread the word about Max at the Greater Huntsville Humane Society, this brave boy needs a loving home!  Read more about Max here. 

Thank you for following along with my arts, crafts and other fun stuff!  

If you'd like a custom pet portrait or give one as a gift, please contact me at


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