"A Horse of Course" 8 x 10" Oil on Canvas

"A Horse, of Course" 8 x 10" Oil on Canvas painting is a gallery wrapped painting ready to go to you for $90.  Contact me if you'd like this cute horse to be a talking piece in your home, stephanie@grinninglikeanidiot.com.

This painting is one of my "daily practice" paintings.  My goal for these daily paintings is to get fast and precise with each stroke and complete an 8 x 10" oil painting alla prima - meaning, all at once - rather than my traditional technique of layer upon layer.  You will be seeing more and more of these alla prima paintings from my daily practices.  :)

Thanks for following along with my artwork, crafts and other fun stuff!


Stephanie Weaver

Grinning Like An Idiot: Create your Happiness. I'm a stay-at-home mom who doesn't 'stay' very well. I like to provide everyone with resources and ideas for crafts, painting and DIY!