"Peach Pit" Dry Brush Oil 9"x 11"

"Peach Pit" Dry Brush Oil 9"x 11" on 140 lb. paper.  This painting is $180 matted and framed with complimentary shipping inside the U.S. If you are interested please let me know.

"Peach Pit" was a personal challenge to overcome all of the obstacles I run into with the dry brush technique:
  1. Dry brush oil technique limits my abilities to mess up (similar to watercolors).  For example, while I can erase a bit, the oil paint cannot be removed from the paper like I can remove it on canvas or paint over it in a typical oil painting.
  2. With this technique he drawing has to be spot on because there is no going back and "fixing" it like I could in acrylics, graphite, and oil.
  3. Blending is a slow building process, similar to graphite - but again you can't erase easily...so slow and steady. 
Despite these obstacles, the dry brush oil technique has become my new favorite method.  The results are just stunning.

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Stephanie Weaver

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