How to Make New Hardware Look Vintage

Pallet projects are all the rage for the past couple of years, and why not?!  Seriously, free wood!  But with the used wood look there is a need to make the new hardware look old to help keep that rustic look.  So with a bit of research, I found the solution!

How to Make New Hardware Look Vintage

Lucy Designs website showed me the way when she made a new mirror look like a vintage piece and I took it to my own needs.  Here is a fast video of what it takes to make new hardware look vintage.

I took a different stab at it two different ways: one with just adhesive spray and one color of paint and another with two colors of paint.  The video shows the adhesive paint and the below pictures show the two colors of paint.


  • Adhesive spray or one color of paint
  • Top layer of spray paint
  • Clear spray sealer
  • Flour

 I added the first coat of paint or you can use adhesive spray if you don't want any initial color to show through.

 Sprinkled flour onto the wet paint.

Wait for it to dry and then tap off the excess.

Then spray on the final color.  Once the top layer is dry then spray with the clear sealer.

 The final product looks like a really rusted piece of hardware but because it is new you know this old looking hardware will be good and safe. 

Pretty cool right!?

I hope you found this tutorial useful for one of your projects!  Until next time keep on creating your happiness!  God bless.

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