Easy Enhancement to a Step Stool

While Ben was away I learned a bit of woodworking at our local military base.  My first woodworking project was this step stool! I'm so ridiculously proud of it. :) I plan on doing more woodworking projects, once school gets back in session.

I just love this simple wooden step-stool, it is light and mobile so the kids can move it about the kitchen and house by themselves.

Simple Step Stool Project

After some time, I painted it the color of the walls in the kitchen and then decided to have a bit of fun with it: I painted these words on "Get it yourself! Love, Mom".

How wonderful is this step stool transformation!

The step stool is a reminder to my children that I trust them to make the right decision.  If it is something I don't want them to have, then I shouldn't have it.  And if they feel guilty about it, then they shouldn't do it.  Simple as that.

I've seen the kids pick up the step stool, move it to reach cereal, the garage door opener, put away dishes, clean windows etc.  They love the independence.. and now, I have some independence myself!

So what do you think? Do you like it? What would have you written on it?


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