How to Make Flower Pencils

A couple of years ago I bought this beautiful bud vase from Anthropology and it quickly became a pencil holder on our breakfast room table.  Pretty disappointing, but very useful.  Fast forward 3 years later and I finally get an idea!  It's not a new idea, just that it finally applied to my environment.  You see them all the time in doctor's offices - pencil/pen's with a big flower attached.

The primary purpose is to prevent people from walking off with the doctor's pens and pencils.  My purpose was because I wanted something pretty. :) And the fact that when I see a pencil with a flower attached laying on the floor in my daughter's room I now know where it is suppose to go!

Here is what you'll need to make flower pencils:

  • Pencils

  • Flowers

  • Wire cutters

  • Scissors

  • Duct tape or, I used, electrical tape (it's what I had on hand :) )

Sharpen the pencils to the length that you want.  I used 3 pencils per bud vase and made them various heights so the flower arrangement looked good.  Then I cut the stems of the flowers with wire cutters, my daughter taped the flowers to the pencils.

Pin it for later!  There will come a time when you need a cute, functional and super easy craft that makes a great accent piece for your desk or breakfast room table or a gift for Mother's day or for Teacher appreciation day!

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