Kitchen Organization and Shopping Tips

When I was painting the kitchen cabinets, I took this time as an opportunity to organize inside the kitchen cabinets as well.  Seriously, this has driven me nuts for years!  If I want anything I have to dig and pull stuff out to get to whatever is in the back!

So I finally bought these Rev-A-Shelf Two-Tier Wire Baskets slider kits so that I can simply pull the drawers out rather than having to dig and move stuff around.


If you buy the Rev-A-Shelf at Lowe's you can use an app called "Shop Savvy" to find competitor pricing and Lowe's will match it!  Simply scan the barcode using "Shop Savvy" and the app will find online and local store prices.   Combine the price match with a military discount and I actually was giddy when I walked out of Lowe's with my kits. :)

Installation took me about 15 minutes per kit.


Use clear shoe box containers to house similar items.  You'll notice in the picture above that I have clear shoe boxes stacked in the back: the clear shoe boxes I bought at Lowe's as well: they house cake decorating stuff, cookie cutters, and other things that would awkwardly take up drawer space.

Now everything is so accessible and I just love it!  Because of this organization project I found all my cookie cutters and started having fun with them in the kitchen!

I actually made pancakes in the shape of dresses, eggs, bunnies, ghosts etc., (regardless of the holiday) and the kids actually ate the pancakes!  AND I discovered (which many of you probably already know) that I could freeze the pancakes and pop them into the toaster whenever we wanted pancakes!

Pin it for later!

Next I really need to organize the bathroom cabinets :).  One thing just leads to another. :)

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