Custom Pillows with Zazzle Fabric!

My back porch have had the same pillows for 4 years and it was time to replace them.  And the hard part was that I couldn't find what I wanted in style and design for my porch.  Everything for outdoors was either too bright, too bold or too patterned, IMO - it was not just right.:)  So as usual, if I can't find it, I make it.

I didn't find the material in a store, instead Zazzle allowed me to go a step further, and pick a material with a design.  Check out this material:

How cool is this Zazzle fabric! This is definitely not something you'd find at a fabric store! In the right fabric type you could make a really cool dress or curtains {oh, the possibilities!!!}.  Zazzle has 7 different fabric types to choose from, so if you find a fabric you like you can pick the right fabric type accordingly.

In my case, I used the Zazzle Fabric to make pillows that are very unique!  I used the Combed Cotton Fabric.  What impressed me about the combed cotton type of fabric was that I didn't have to sew the edges of the circle or use fray check to prevent the edges from fraying.

The pillows have been sitting on my back porch for 3 weeks and so far no issues with either the material or my sewing efforts.:)  (Notice how the two pillows are slightly different because of the pattern on the material, I just LOVE it!).

In case you are wondering, the pattern I used is Simplicity 1933, it was surprisingly easy and there were several other patterns that I'm considering for our bedroom.

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The fabric was provided by Zazzle for my use and any use I wanted. All opinions are mine, and frankly, I've bought from Zazzle and would do it again!

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