Unsolicited Roku 3 Review

Christmas held a lot of surprise gifts for me!  You've already caught the Neato Vacuum cleaner, Rosie.  Well meet Roku 3 Streaming Media Player!

Why I Dropped Satellite TV Service

To aid with our budget while Ben is away and because I am now a SAHM (giving up a 6 figure salary and LOVING every minute of it!), I cut our Satellite TV:  frankly it was $60+ a month (sometimes more because of the NFL package), which equates to over $720 - $900+ a year on TV... which is just ridiculous! So, I found a way to save over $600 a year by changing our entertainment options!

Once I cut out Satellite, I bought an RCA ANT1450BF Multi-Directional Amplified Digital Flat Antenna (Black) for around $30. With this I'm able to get CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS and 13 other channels (we live in the sticks). But the RCA Antenna was all we really needed!  And frankly, it's nice to actually sit and watch a show at the time it actually airs.  AND I am really impressed with the quality of kids programs on PBS: Wild Kratts, Word Girl, The Odd Squad etc., Just quality, clean and educational TV!

Prior to Christmas I wanted a device to play movies, stream or whatever to give the kids and I a few more entertainment options.  Ben did the research and bought the Roku 3 Streaming Media Player for around $90.  He set it up in a couple of minutes and we were off searching for channels and programs that we'd like.  So here is what we discovered:

  • CBS, ABC, NBC, ESPN etc (network TV) require you to have an account with a local cable provider to be able to stream shows through the Roku 3 Streaming Media Player.  Welp, fine, I have an Antenna, I can get it anyway (except ESPN which I don't watch anyway, but Ben will eventually want some sports, I'm sure he'll find a way or channel on the Roku). 

  • With Roku you can view videos on YouTube: another way to search and view virtually anything you want.

  • You can stream NetFlix.  NetFlix is around $9 a month.  We had not used NetFlix for about 8 years and it is really well done now!  Ben set up profiles for each of us.  For the kids there is a setting indicating they are kids so it only shows age/kid appropriate movies and TV shows!  It's amazing!  I have my own channel where I can setup shows that I want to watch like Once Upon a Time, Psych, America's Funniest Videos and chick flicks. :)

  • PBS Kids is channel available on theRoku 3 Streaming Media Player and you can watch old shows and clips!  Curious George, Cat in the Hat, Wild Kratts, Odd Squad, etc.

  • There is an amazingly HUGE array of channels you can add on the Roku!  For instance, I added "Life is Organized", "Craft Klatch", "The Design Network" and several more.

    • Life is Organized caused me to refold all of my t-shirts in my drawer. :)

    • The Design Network caused me to re-organize my refrigerator. :)
There  is a never-ending network of quality, inspiring, educational TV that we have available to us now through the Roku 3 Streaming Media Player! AND Netflix only costs us $8.99 a month giving us a year long savings of $612!  I haven't named the Roku yet like I did Rosie our Neato Vacuum Cleaner, but I'm thinking it definitely deserves a name....

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Note: this is an unsolicited review, meaning I wasn't given this product as a gift to write about, but it is something I wrote about on my own accord and all opinions are mine.  This post does contain an affiliate link with Amazon so if you decide to purchase one through my links above I will receive a form of compensation for my referral to Amazon.  I'll be glad to know that my opinion and experience influenced my readers and many thanks for reading!!!


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