Neato Vacuum Cleaner - My Unsolicited Review And SilhouettePersonalization

My blog isn't about reviews or giveaways, but it is about what I find extremely helpful, fun, recipes and ideas, so I wanted to share with you guys one of my favorite gifts I received for Christmas, Neato Vacuum.

This thing is so awesome! I've even named her Rosie after the Jetson's maid. :) With 2 kids and a dog there is always stuff on our floors, and given we have mostly hardwood floors you can really see everything! 

I've had the Neato Vacuum for a month now and here is what I found:

  • She readily sucks up legos - yeah!  Those pesky little things shouldn't be on the floor anyway! Here she got a Nerf Gun bullet.
  • She hates socks on the floor and will try to suck them up and can't.  So she beeps at you to tell you on her monitor to "please clean my brush", so you need to remove the sock or she won't continue. In this picture, Rosie grabbed one of those Nerf Gun Bullets, she didn't like it.

  • The way I figured it, I've tried maid services before and I always picked up/put away before they got here, Rosie is just like that too, except a ton cheaper and not in my way (I don't like people cleaning my house. :) )
  • She will run for about an hour or so before returning to her station to recharge.  Once the Neato Vacuum recharges, she'll return to where she left off and keep cleaning.

  • She is small enough to get under beds, our dinning room buffet - places I never got! So the first day I had to really be there for her, as she found a TON of socks under the bed, legos, rubber balls etc.  A month later, the areas under the bed are spotless!

  • She does get stuck between the wall and the toilet.  So she'll sit there and beep at me indicating "my bumper is stuck", so I have to pick her up and move her.  But I give her kudos for vacuuming the bathroom!

  • She'll beep at me when it's time to clean her dirt bin with "please empty my dirt bin and filter if needed" displayed across the screen.

  • Because of the kids and Sophie, our dog, I run the Neato Vacuum once a day.  Before I had her I'd run a dust mop twice a day to catch all the dog hair.

  • She doesn't take the place of a wet mop though, I still use Bona Hardwood Floor Mop on my floors to get up the sticky spots the kids seem to leave (milk splashes on the floor almost every morning from their cereal bowls...).

  • She does not like shag rugs like my kids have in their rooms.

Check out this short video of Rosie our Neato Vacuum Cleaner:

Silhouette Cameo Personalization to my Neato Vacuum

I have only named two 'things' in my life: the first was 'Bob' my tennis racket in High School and now Rosie the Neato Vacuum Cleaner, she is now a member of our house. Back in High School I didn't have a cool machine like the Silhouette Cameo to add the name to my tennis racket, with Rosie I can. :) And did.

Using the Font "Some Weatz" from for the decorative R and then a separate text box for the rest of the word using "Marion" font from 

Once cut, then I use the Silhouette Transfer Paper to center the Silhouette Personalization onto the Neato Vacuum.

Pin it button      And vola!  There she is, our latest helpful addition!  Rosie our Neato Vacuum  Robot!!!

Now all I need is a flying duster :), if they ever come out with one of those I'll name it Pepper - wouldn't that be awesome!

What was your favorite gift you've ever received? Have you ever named a 'thing'?  Join our discussion on Facebook and Twitter!

Note: this is an unsolicited review, meaning I wasn't given this product as a gift to write about, but it is something I wrote about on my own accord and all opinions are mine.  This post does contain an affiliate link with Amazon so if you decide to purchase one through my links above I will receive a form of compensation for my referral to Amazon.  I'll be glad to know that my opinion and experience influenced my readers and many thanks for reading!!!


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