Make a Free Bike Rack: Wood Pallet Project

There are a ton of things that can be done with wood pallets and wood pallets are in a huge abundance!  The trick is finding a wood pallet for free.  So here is how I found some wood pallets, for Free.

3 Places to Find Wood Pallets for Free for your Wood Pallet Project

You are going to have to ask:

  • small businesses.  Large businesses like grocery stores (that have stacks and stacks of them) have recycling/return processes already in place to recover some costs.   The small businesses like local hardware, nurseries, pet/feed supply stores will usually just put them in the dumpster.  I go to certain nursery quiet a bit so I know the owners, and they'll let me grab what I want.

  • local farmer(s).  This is one that I happened upon.  In yoga class I actually asked aloud if anyone knew where I could get a hold of some pallets, and one of the ladies said she had some.  Hay is delivered to her horses on pallets and she had a bunch sitting next to her barn.   She was planning on burning them - I saved her time and aggravation by taking them.  Win-win!  Perfect!!!

  • construction sites.  Our neighborhood is growing and what do they deliver bricks, cinderblocks and other construction materials on?  Pallets, lots and lots of pallets!! Often times they go straight into the big dumpster, so ask before they get in the dumpster, ask someone on the site if they wouldn't mind stacking them in the corner of the garage for you to take.  Most will just shrug and do it.  :)

This Bike Rack Pallet Project is one of the wood pallet projects that I completed within 15 minutes.  I literally had to saw three places and I was done.

For some reason the bikes now-a-days do not have kick-stands, so once the training wheels are off they just lay on the ground.  A bike in the middle of my garage does not make me a happy camper.

With this 15 minute wood pallet project all I used was a hand saw -  if you have a circular saw, it's a lot faster!

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