Heart Silhouette Template And My Mistakes

So this was a craft that started out one way and ended two different ways, it could have been a complete cluster if I didn't have patience.  So why in the world did I start off making a 100 piece heart?

Em had the 100th day of school and on the 99th day (yes the night before), I'm informed that "you need to get a shirt and put 100 somethings on it"  my response "why do 'I'...'need' to do this?" ...And so it began - two birds, one stone: why not make it work for Valentines too!  Feel free to DOWNLOAD BY SELECTING THE SILHOUETTE TEMPLATE, but keep reading because there are two ways to do this!

Fortunately, I already had a pink shirt for her and I had just purchased some Cricut Iron on Glitter, Pink (yes, I know it's not Silhouette) to try for a different project - but oh well.  So off I go, I made 100 circles by copying and pasting them, then meticulously place them in the shape of a heart on my computer. So that was the easy part.

Here are my mistakes and corrections when using Cricut with a Silhouette Machine

The cutting:

  • Mistake: because the material I used wasn't Silhouette brand and it was really pretty thick I set the blade to 4, the first time (which was the recommendation if it where Silhouette Glitter Flock Pattern Paper) - didn't cut all the way through.

  • Correction: The 2nd time I set it to 6 - bingo!

The transfer onto the T-shirt:

  • Mistake: I thought I could just use Silhouette transfer tape to gather the whole design onto the t-shirt.  The transfer tape worked really well, but the adhesive of the Cricut Iron on Glitter vinyl would not stick to the shirt.  The result, I had a 100 pieces stuck to transfer tape.

  • Correction: I peeled the 100 pieces of the transfer tape and meticulously placed them in the shape of a heart on the t-shirt.  (Sound familiar?)

Then, I ironed the dots on.  Done and it's pretty cool!

I have to hand it to Cricut Iron on Glitter, Pink; it is definitely glittery.  And after I washed the shirt inside out, it turned out soft and really nice!

The surprise that came from this adventure in crafting is that I now have a FANTASTIC stencil where I can just use glitter paint to get the same affect and was WAY more fun because Em got to actually help me (I'm a bit of a control freak).

Reuse Cricut Iron-on Glitter as a T-Shirt Stencil

The second time I made the t-shirt, I used:

I placed the Double-sided poster tape sporadically around the stencil.

Then held it in place with the paper weights

Then we got to the fun part! (Anyone else notice that almost everything in this picture is pink?)

Em and I got to work together to paint the Silhouette Heart design on the t-shirt together!

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So, here is what I'd recommend based on my mess-ups: save yourself at least 2 hours from doing the steps that I did and just download this Silhouette Template and paint the design on. :) 

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