Friday Funny: Valentine's - What a Joke :)

Two years ago I wrote a post about my thoughts on Valentines Day that I never published because my hubby read it and said I sounded bitter. So I'll write a bit of it now, I'm not jaded against Valentines Day, I just don't get what the big deal is! So let me explain why I don't like Valentine's Day before I get into this weeks Friday Funny that CRACKED ME UP!

Why I don't like Valentine's Day

  1. Waste of Money:  Surely I am not the only one that noticed a significant mark up in the cost of flowers during Valentines?

  2. Flowers Die and Candy Gets Eaten:  I don't think I really need to say much else about this reason..., but just in case - it goes back to waste of money.

  3. Unnecessary Pressure: I've heard it on the radio all week, 'what are you going to get your special valentine', 'get your valentine a piece of fine jewelry from ...', 'make dinner reservations now for a special valentines...'.  The reality is that a relationship is based on giving EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR {period}, not one day that was created because some guy was beheaded many, many, many years ago.

Bottom line: be happy with the one you love every-single-day, love is a gift that can't be bought.  So, as I tell my husband (married almost 15 years and known each other for 20 years), "don't buy me anything, I'm happy; and I generally buy want I want anyway. So, I'm good. :)"

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Yes I know I'm probably irking a lot of people off and fueling guys reasoning for not liking Valentine's Day.  But ah well, can't make everyone happy - right!? :)

What about you; do you like Valentine's Day and why? Cause clearly I don't get it. Join our conversation on Facebook and Twitter!

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