Friday Funny: What Happened!

For the last 10 days, the kids have been home on Christmas break and during this time, I'm constantly finding stuff out of place, messes around the house that are, apparently, no one's fault.  Yet, it is just me, the kids, and the, how on earth did all of these messes happen?

This past week, I walked into my son's room and declared 'you are such a slob', as I pick up empty cups, empty wrappers and cast aside paper, legos and stuff that litter the floor. His response, 'why?', as I show the evidence I say 'because you have trash all over the place!'  His response 'that's not trash, that's art!"....I was rendered speechless, smiling, shaking my head as I walk away...

For this week's Friday Funny, these cats reminded me of my kids.  Sometimes you just got to shake your head ....these cats are giving about the same look that I get from the kids.

Are you ready for the kids to go back to school?


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