Friday Funny: Newbie Gym Etiquette

It's a New Year - Yeah! With that comes resolutions to get in shape/lose weight: good for you to make such a resolve to do something good for yourself.  But let me enlighten you on other people's perspective of your new resolve to join a gym.  You are invading our space and it likely won't last 3 weeks. If you go past 3 weeks, congrats and welcome to the gym community!! We love happy gym people and I'm glad you proved us wrong!!! 

This week's Friday Funny dedicate to my fellow gym goers in the hopes that I may educate the Newbies.

Newbie Gym Etiquette

My husband, brother and I have been fixtures at a gym since we were 16 years old, so we know that the 1st 3 weeks of January require patience on our part and a huge adjustment on the newbies part, but hopefully this will help you newbies (or as my brother says "FNGs" f'ing new guys) adjust and become part of the gym community:

  • Gym people follow routines - like leg day Monday, Chest and Back day Tuesday, Cardio Wednesday, etc., and we don't like routines

    • Be discreetly observant and if you decide to do leg day Monday and see another person on a leg machine - use a different leg machine and/or ask "are you using this, or was anyone using this?"

  • Gym people have our 'spots' - in group fitness classes and cardio equipment we have 'our spots', meaning it is always the machine that we use at a very specific time, or it is always the spot that we use for that class.

    • Get to the class, sit/stand aside until everyone grabs their spot and then step into a spot and confirm with the person next to you something like 'this is the first time I've taken this class, is there someone that usually stands here?"  FYI - you might actually get told "this is my spot" in a class (older people tend to be more vocal about their spots) which is a bit awkward for everyone but the older person who doesn't give a crap.:)

    • For machines, the seasoned gym goers will adjust, you did beat us to it {shrug} and we'll beat you to it next time. :)

  • Parking - we don't have have our parking 'spots' so to speak: but is it going to hurt you to walk a greater distance than taking the spots right next to the door or worse the handicapped spots?

    • Reserve the spots closest to the door for the Silver Sneakers, pregnant or your trainer/instructor.

  • Don't sit on the machines - the machines and equipment are meant to move.

    • Get your butt moving! Otherwise, you are pissing us off.

  • Don't talk on your phone - no one wants to hear how important you think you are.

    • Leave the phone in the car.  If you can text or talk while you are working out you aren't going hard enough and you are wasting your time.

  • Do some homework - each one of the machines has instructions and diagrams that describe how to use it.  Use it appropriately because we don't like correcting you, but we also don't want you to get hurt.

    • If you aren't sure what to do, ask a trainer or read the machine or even ask anyone.  Anyone in the gym is glad to help it just we don't volunteer corrections because we have all had those people voluntarily correct us and it was either awkward/creepy (personal space is sacred).

    Friday Funny Gym People are Happy People

  • Gym people are happy people - we are a small community that supports each other and talks of positive things.  There are times when I've witnessed emotional breakdowns at the gym because of family events and, let me say we dropped everything to support them.  The gym is community and we build each other up. The gym helps us get stronger physically and emotionally.

    • Do not come in complaining about knee problems, back problems or "I blew my knee out" or "I had brain surgery" unless it's going to lead to a positive result, otherwise we are going to wonder what the heck are you doing here!  You don't work out injured{period}.

  • Respect other's gym time.  I had a woman come up to me in HITT class (high intensity interval training) while I was doing bunch of pushups and mountain climbers and ask me "do you go to church?" My first thought was "WTF", I stood up and said 'about every 6 months".  Apparently she was looking for 'prayer warriors' and I didn't qualify because I don't believe an institution holds the lines of communication with God, anyway...  She interrupted the entire class asking if they are 'prayer warriors" and proceeded to tell everyone her troubles.

    • Don't interrupt someone while they are working out - like actually moving weights/pushups etc.  It makes us angry.

Let me also say, that gym people NEVER make fun of people who come to the gym: we are all there to make a difference in our lives and we all have to start somewhere.  We wish everyone the best of luck - the key is consistency and finding a routine - other than that, try to find your fit into the gym community, all sizes and ages are welcome! :)

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