Friday Funny: Accents are Hard to Understand

I'm writing an ebook and it's almost ready for publication except for some photos that I need to take and some videos that I'm working on adding to the ebook. While I've been making the videos, I can't help but notice my voice has a bit of a southern accent. I do live in Alabama...

When I first started recording my voice in demonstrations I had to retake at least 10 times to cut out the 'so','um'; you know, clutch phrases. Then I noticed my southern accent and thought, 'I can't fix that!'...I've been told 'it's endearing and calming'...we'll see. I just hope my accent isn't too hard to understand.

I saw the below video months ago, it cracked me up so much that I saved it for future reference. It has some Scottish guys trying to speak to a voice activated elevator:), I've watched the video several times and there are certain words/phrases I have yet to figure out what they said!. :)

And here are some really, really Southern Accents from women in "The Southern Women's Channel"

- I don't think I'm on this playing field just yet, but give me another 20 years in the south and I sure I will be.
I really wonder what people across the world will think of my little southern voice navigating them through templates that I've designed, surely it's not as bad as these accents! Ah, well. :)

Stay tuned for my upcoming ebook, hopefully my accent won't kill it. :) Please join our conversation on Facebook and Twitter and share your funnies!


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