On the Homefront: Friday Funny

A couple of weeks ago I posted a Friday Funny featuring Taylor Swift's recent video and song "Blank Space", the video cracked me up because I believe that we women have a crazy side to us and there are times that it will burst through our cool, calm demeanor.   On Tuesday, while waiting in the dentist office, I ran across this video that portrays perfectly what I think of our temperament and also what makes a man dateable or marriage material (which I always tell my husband, "You're lucky you're cute!" :), you'll get that after you watch the video. :))

Now, I can feel the fuming happening as some of you read this because you might think I'm not holding up my fellow women, so let me provide a specific example of the type of crazy that my husband deals with and miraculously I made it to the wife zone :):

On Tuesday this week, Ben and I were driving from the dentist office to home.  The road to our house is a winding road without a shoulder, with one blind hill and one blind curve.  We were calmly talking about what we were going to do the rest of the day when he started to slow the car and then I saw them.  Two grey and white Pitbull puppies playing on the road!  I flipped to the crazy side, and couldn't get out of the car fast enough to get these dogs off the road before they got hit.  I jumped out of the car while it was still rolling and started calling for the puppies who where energetically running around me and licking me and darting back to the other side of the road,  a car pulled up behind us, another car came over the hill - I screamed running at the car "stop, stop, stop".  He stopped.  Then another car came over the hill who stopped. I'm still running around trying to get these puppies, I got one and put in the back seat and Ben held it so it wouldn't dart back onto the road.  Then I went for the second puppy and I got down on my knees, on the road and said 'come here, come here' in a sing song voice and finally the last puppy came to me.  I picked him up and he licked and kicked me and I finally got him in the back seat. We turned the car around and took them to our vet who is working the system to find their owners or find them a home (they were not chipped - people get your dogs chipped!).

I know I looked like a crazy woman chasing these cute puppies but I didn't want them to get hit!   So, according to this guy in the video I jumped from the wife zone to the crazy, no-go zone. :)  And my husband, well, he was quiet the whole drive to the vet's office, and occasionally shook his head in disbelief that I just did that.  I can tell you, Pitbulls are getting an unfair wrap, these puppies were adorable and incredibly sweet!  I totally would have kept them if we didn't have our dog Sophie (she doesn't like sharing us with other dogs - at all).

I'm a pretty even-keel person, not much bothers me at all, but cruelty to animals or animal safety is one that makes me flip to the crazy.  What makes you flip out of our normal self?


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