Video: How to Dye Paper for Vintage Look

Several weeks ago I redecorated LilMan's bedroom and created this shadow box filled with treasures that he had found over the last several years.  These little treasures made for a really cool addition to his bedroom them of "Adventure/Explorer".  :).  I wanted to make the paper look old like some of the bones and dyed the paper and I realized, most people don't know this trick.

If you ever have a need to dye paper for a vintage look, you have to Pin this for future use!

Are you ready for the secret?  Here is what you need...

- Soy Sauce

That's it.  Watch this video for how easy it is to make plain paper look Vintage!...

Note: I know there is another way with a tea bag and I can tell you, I tried the tea bag method and it does not work near as well as using Soy Sauce. Using Soy Sauce to dye paper is far faster and has better results!

What is your favorite craft hack? (feel free to leave a link)


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