On the Homefront: Friday Funny

I'm torn between saying 'they', because I was a Northerner and 'we' because I have now been living in the South longer than I lived up North, but I grew up in the North... So forgive me as I switch back and forth. :)
But I guess it gave me a unique perspective: being from the North, watching the Southerns overreact to snow - bless their hearts - is just funny!. :) The anticipation of a snowflake leads to schools getting let out early, businesses closing down, a raid on the grocery store - it's like what I'd expect if an invasion happened. On the other hand, when it snows, Southerners go all out - all out, outside. We'll build a snowman, have snowball fights, make snow angels, craft sleds out of whatever we can - just to be out in the snow. Because we know it won't last long.

When I saw this video, I remember that feeling; when I lived up North, I hated the snow - I hated shoveling it, trudging through it, how nasty it looked on the side of the road, the fact that it stayed for weeks-on-end. Ugh...so while I don't experience much of it anymore, I definitely remember feeling like the person in this video. Which is why it made me laugh.:)

This Friday Funny is dedicated to the Northerners who are Sick of the Snow

What is your favorite cold weather activity (inside or outside)?


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