On the Homefront: Friday Funny

Today I'm batting 0-3; I made three productive attempts and bombed on every one of them. For this week's Friday Funny, I couldn't help but make fun of myself, because I'm a dumb-a$$ (note, my Dad reads this blog). :)

Today alone, I blew up some soup in the microwave, ordered the wrong size blinds because it 'looked' like the same size as the back windows (4 inches difference - yep, I'm an idiot who didn't measure) and I tried to start the fireplace the way Ben told me to...it didn't work.

After much frustration and near tears (before 10am), I decided screw-it and said to myself, 'today I'm a dumb-a$$...sit down and do nothing.'

And so I did. It was everything I thought it would be. :) I'm really glad I didn't interact with anyone, otherwise I'd be 'that' person. :)

Lighten up! For this Friday Funny, when did you feel like a dumb-a$$?


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