Festive Appetizers and Food Styling Ideas

I am so ready for Christmas! Christmas is a time when we adults get to be kids again. We decorate with glitter, stuffed animals, mechanical reindeer, frosted snowmen and we eat like we still have the metabolism of a 5 year old. :). Why not combine the two and have some fun with our food!

Festive Appetizers and Food Styling Ideas

What makes a festive appetizer?
  1. A really, really good recipe and
  2. The decorations.
Here are some styling ideas:
  • For Savory Appetizers:  Add a little parsley or rosemary on the plate for accents.

  • For Sweet Appetizers/Desserts:  Add some crushed mints or coconut or white chocolate.

  • For Anything That Needs to Be Kept Cold: Place the appetizer in a glass bowl and nestle it into a  larger glass bowl filled with frozen cranberries - it serves a dual purpose (pretty and practical).

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What do you decorate your table/food with to make it look festive? Or What is your favorite appetizer (feel free to leave a link)?

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