Fall Porch Decorations

It may be cold outside, but our front porch is warm and inviting.  Check out our Fall Porch Decorations!

Here are the details of our Fall Porch Decor:

The Antique Sewing Machine - Mom had this sewing machine taking up space in their house and they didn't know what to do with it, and they certainly didn't want to get ride of it (family heirloom) so I said I'd take it!  I added a coat of protective sealant to it and placed on our covered porch (out of the elements).  In the winter, I plan to place fake presents and our Leg Lamp on the table. :)

The Picture Frame Chalkboard - I've had the frame sitting in my attic space for 7 years (it was from the days when I showed my paintings in Atlanta - the painting sold but the frame stayed :) ).  So I painted the frame black in a streaky pattern so the gold still showed through, had a board cut to fit and painted the board with chalkboard paint.  I like the chalkboard a lot!  For Halloween, I wrote "the witch is in" and for Christmas, we'll start doing a countdown. :)

The Large Wooden Letter was the inspiration for the whole change to our front porch.  It's simple, and non-seasonal elegance frees me up to decorate more than just a wreath!

What inspires your decorating style?

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