Pinterest Do: Individual S'mores Pots

If you guys follow me on Instagram, occasionally it shows us having S'mores - an ooey, gooey marshmallow, chocolate mess that is awesome!  I even have a whole Pinterest page dedicated to S'mores!

Anyway, I saw a post by Apres Fete well over a year ago and pinned it.  I finally got around to doing it (cause that's why I pin over 2000 things, because I actually want to do it or it inspires me), and what I pinned was the individual flower pots, filled with aluminum foil, charcoal so you can make s'mores - brilliant!

We don't have a fire pit in our backyard and I certainly don't want to dig out a pit, so this was a perfect fit for my infrequent s'more cravings.  I sent the kids around the yard to grab twigs, leaves to put into the flower pot.

While the kids gathered twigs and dried leaves, I put together a simple S'mores assembly line using Hershey's Chocolate, Crackers, Marshmallows, Vanilla wafers and Fondue Skewers (I didn't have Ritz crackers, so I used Vanilla Wafers and another type of cracker - no one complained). :)

The little flower pot was just the right size!  With the foil lining the pot, the pot acted as a little oven that warmed and toasted the marshmallow without setting them on fire.

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Apparently I changed some people's world by suggesting Reese's Peanut Butter Cups for the chocolate (by far, my favorite :)) What is your favorite way to eat S'mores?

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