SEC Paintings: Auburn University

Football season is coming up - YEAH - TAILGATING!!!!

I went to Auburn University for Grad School (that was really the first time I've ever had to study, it was a great MBA program!). So if you've been following me, you know that I've already posted the Ole Miss Football Helmet; I must say, this Auburn painting is a bit harder because it has a lot of layers and I'm going to challenge you a bit to use a lot of color and keep in mind the structure of a bird for light, medium and darks.

Prepare to Paint an Eagle

The key is to have fun with it!  My daughter saw me do this painting and begged for days to do it, and finally I had the level of patience I needed and the time to teach a 5 year old to paint the Auburn Eagle.

I hope you all use them to decorate your tailgating tables, maybe even put on your front door, decorate a recreation/game room etc, have an alumni party or sorority painting party. Show your spirit, have a party and paint to get ready for the upcoming Football Season!!

Supplies you'll need to paint a War Eagle acrylic painting

  • Acrylic Paints

  • Cup of Water

  • Paint Brushes

  • Wax paper for a pallet or paper plate - grab from the kitchen.

  • Paper towel - grab from the kitchen.

  • Tracing Paper - here is the brand that I use Blick Studio Tracing Paper Pads, 9" x 12, 25 lb, 50 Sheets, which is a good value for 50 sheets (that should last you a really long time since you can reuse sheets). Click HERE to DOWNLOAD the sketch. 

  • Stretched Canvas - 10" x 10" or 12" x 12" (or your preference).

  • Easel: below are all of the easels that I have purchased over 15 years of painting and still love. From top left down: The large wooden one sits in my Craft Room, the Aluminum one is one that Em uses when I teach her, the Vintage one sits in our Master Bedroom and the black easel is portable for Plein Air painting and can be used for table top painting. In the end, you pick what works best for you.  Note: The Mabel one, I did make one modification, I built a platform for it to sit on with wheels, so if you want something mobile and don't want to go through the effort I did and you plan to continue to paint, then I'd recommend this one:

Please note: this painting is for individual consumption and not for sale or resale.

I hope you have a wonderful time painting it!  Feel free to send pics!

If this isn't your SEC school, leave a comment below and let me know your Alma Mater!

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